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The Witch of Hagley Wood

The Witch of Hagley Wood

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I'll just get to the point with this piece. It holds the presence of an extremely powerful spirit witch. She was both a witch and a sex worker when she was still alive. She was, by religion, a witch. By trade, she was a sex worker, because witches gotta eat, too! Her name is Bella.

Bella was very powerful during her life, but she is even more powerful in death, simply because of her need for vengeance cementer her presence in the astral realms. She eventually got her revenge but decided to hang around in the astral realms, growing in power.

OCcassionally, she takes the form of a human witch and will return to Earth, but she prefers to be in spirit form, which is why her presence has been confined to this piece.

Her presence was discovered by a few boys who were playing on in Hagley Wood, on a private estate in Worcestershire, England. They came across a skull in a Wych Elm. There's a whole story to it. You can look it up if you want, but basically, the police followed all leads and none of them led to anything.

Then, in 1944 an ominous graffiti appear on a building at Hagley Estate that read, "Who put Bella down the Wych Tree?" The body that was recovered from the boys' discovery was said to have been murdered and for the most part, the investigation had gone mum. It wasn't long after that that a similar message was found on Hagley Obelisk.

The new message gave police a few leads, but only two ever checked out. Still, they couldn't put their finger on exactly what had happened to Bella. On one hand, a sex worker reported that another sex worker named Bella who used to work near Hagley had gone missing in 1941. Since Bella had lived a wayward life, nobody had ever really thought to report her disappearance.

Another report came in that suggested that Bella was killed by one. Jack Mossop. His wife is the one who made the report to the authorities. By her report, her husband had gone out with a Dutchman called van Ralt. She said that while at the bar drinking the woman had gotten so drunk that she passed out.

Mossop and van Ralt put the woman in Mossop's car and drove her to the wych Elm, where they deposited her body. Mossop's intention was supposedly to scare the girl straight. He thought that if she awoke inside of a tree she would realize the error of her ways and would straighten out her life. The rest, as they say, is history. The ironic part is that Jack Mossop was committed to and died in a sanitarium. He couldn't stop having nightmares about a woman staring out at him from within a tree.

Are you ready to hear what really happened/ Mossop and van Ralt went out for a night on the town. They went to their bar, where they found Bella, the prostitute, working her magic. They were drunk, she was drunk, things started getting heated up. The trio made plans to have a rendezvous at the Hagley Wood.

As the night wore on, Bella made it clear to the duo that she was a sex worker and if they wanted to have a threesome with her, they'd each need to pay their full price. Used to getting what they wanted, the gentlemen slipped some sort of drug into Bella's drink. When she fell they made it out to be that she was too drunk and that they would take her home. They took her out to Hagley Wood and raped her. When they were done with her body they deposited it inside of the wych Elm tree.

After her life ended, Bella woke up on the other side, mad as Hell-- no pun intended. She refused to cross over into the afterlife and has been stuck in limbo ever since. Now, I don't know the ending of van Ralt. However, it's safe to say that Bella got her revenge on Mossop. That's pretty much what you get for messing with a witch. she'd visit him every night and appear as her own boy stuffed within the tree. she'd stare at him for hours until he couldn't take it anymore and would need to be tranked or whatever the PC word is for that now.

All this leads up to the fact that this witch ow resides in this piece. She has been growing in power for the last century, as she was in her twenties when she was murdered. For most of those years, she was growing in power in the astral realm, which would translate to hundreds of years had she become immortal on Earth. Even so, she is a very, very powerful witch. She's not a vengeful or spiteful spirit, as she has already settled her score. Mossop got the ending that he deserved, mentally tortured and alone.

When using this piece to connect with Bella, you will be able to summon her for the entirety of her knowledge and magic. She can cast any spell. She can create just about any magic. She can summon forth any type of entity. She can allow you to astral travel with her if you want to do that. She also does extreme protection that she cast upon both you and your home. This is protection against evil so that way you don't end up meeting that same grizzly fate that she did.

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