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The Witchman's Collection

The Witchman's Collection

SKU: 3921029


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This is a vintage piece with beautiful stones.  It has been imbued with energies that are even older than the vintage stones that it was made with.  This piece was secret taken to a location that we can not give the exact location for.  What I can tell you is that this house is in the UK and was built in the 16th Century.  During renovations, an entire arsenal of occult items was found beneath some stairs.  We weren't necessarily called in to investigate, but we took care of that with some mind alteration.  We showed up in borrow bodies from some friends that we have that live in the UK.  Sometimes this works out better than astral travel investigations.  

Anyway, what we discovered when we got there were some extremely powerful artifacts.  Also, there were some demon traps and a few pages with words written on them that we didn't understand. The place did have negative energy at all, so we guess that these pieces were place there by a witchman that was hiding artifacts from witches.  That would definitely explain the demon traps that we found because those are the same implements that were used for catching witches.

The artifacts alone were enough of a power load that it hit us like a ton of bricks when we entered the room.  We were able to replicate the energies of all the artifacts that we found in this one piece.  If you are looking for something excessively powerful in the witchcraft department, then this piece is what you are looking for.  This is the piece we took with us to the investigation and this is the piece we are offering.  

This piece works in several ways.  It is a vintage bracelet and when you wear it you will gain the ability to write down your own spells.  You will write down what you want to become a spell and then burn the paper on which you have written it.  The spell will be sent into the universe and ultimately it will be cast.  

This piece allows you to speak to the dead-- not just conjure them-- but actually speak to them as if they were humans sitting right in front of you.  You can summon them for simple dialogue, or you can summon them to gain their powers. The choice is totally up to you.  

This piece can be used to connect to elemental energies.  These energies are fed to Earth from places in the universe.  They collect energy pools all over the earth.  This piece will allow you to collect the energy from these energy pools.  The energy can be used to manifest your own powers and abilities.  You will manifest these powers and abilities by concentrating on the power or ability that you want to bring forth during meditation with your piece.

This piece will allow you to empower other items, such as crystals and stone.  You will wear this piece and the other piece with crystal.  You can call upon a power or ability to pass through your body and into the crystal.  

Finally, this piece will give you anti-aging powers as well.  It will slow down your aging process, but not only that.  It will give you youth and vitality, as well as, energy.  It will also provide you with good health.

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