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These are not the Mayfair Witches

These are not the Mayfair Witches

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This is a vintage key with antique beads and chain. This also has a prayer tassel, short because it holds the witches prayer. These are not your Mayfair Witches. They are the Mayflower Witches. Coming over from England and pretending to be Methodist and Lutheran, instead they hid their true religious identity. They came from or stepped through into our world to breed amongst humans with strands of magical abilities. Their religion is called the old religion. It’s not what witches or Wiccans are today. The supernatural power was much more pronounced, noticeably to others who they let see it. The so called witches who were hung, drowned or burned were not real witches. These were just humans who people held a grudge against. Most times it was a woman who held property or something a man wanted to take. This key holds many powers which are different for many people. Each person has their own needs and wants. The key opens an invisible doorway which you won’t see but will feel the power, energy and even a different air flow. The doorway is actually time DNA strands. The DNA will move through a channel of energy and seep into first your aura, then the force field that your chakras create. Eventually it will reside in every fiber of your human makeup. You will be redesigned with natural feeling and working abilities. As to what magically this will do for you is up to you. This is a dual piece which means leaving it up to how you want to use it. As with humans, witches choose who they want to be, good or evil so that too will be your choice. This choice is not really a choice because you already are what you are. So most likely you will have all abilities and be of dual nature. There is nothing wrong with dual nature as it’s how you were already born. There are some I truly believe who are just after birth become evil. I doubt I have any of those buyers. I have come across one today. I beat them at their own game which prompted me to place this one on.Plus I have a few ancestors that were legit through the doorway witches. I believe it’s how I have my natural abilities. While there are times I don’t want them it’s only because of what I see. As time has gone by my abilities have increased. My fear has always been they will lessen or leave. Recently I found out that’s not the case. I will tell you what happened this week which is normally something I can’t do. While I have true psychic visions it’s not on demand. For the first time in my life this week on Monday in fact it was. I needed to see something. I needed to see if someone was alive it was extremely important. So I looked in a corner of the room and all else faded away quickly. I saw into their room and saw also into the past but the one thing I knew is they were alive. My psychic ability is what led me to do my websites. It was both to learn more and to get rid of stuff I had been collecting. Lately in my life there have been major supernatural changes. I figured out the stopping of things that have already happened. As long as I don’t see it, it can be changed. It’s hard to explain but I have a piece I will put on that does it. For now, enjoy this most rare and potent magical piece! I only have one!

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