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This Magic is Out of this World-- LITERALLY!!

This Magic is Out of this World-- LITERALLY!!

SKU: 5262125


The piece you are receiving has been made with silver found inside a meteor that is billions of years old.  we aren't sure where the meteor originated from-- as in where it was found on Earth.  As soon as it was found, it was transported to the Majestic 12 HQ.

The silver that was found inside the meteor was made into an alloy and turned into several pieces.  It is not immediately clear where the meteor or the metal has come from.  Energetic properties were found in the silver that was taken from the meteor.  

The silver was found to have advanced mental healing capacities.  for instance, it was found to completely crack open the third eye and institute a full psychic awakening.  It can control the minds of others against their will.  It can inject your own thoughts into the minds of others.  

Probably the most interesting find about this piece is that it allows the user to manipulate the frequencies of their mind.  Doing this allows the user to exist in many different forms or planes of existence where different forms of knowledge and magic are present.  In changing the frequency of the mind, they were able to experience life in other forms without actually having to physically go there.  For instance-- Heaven, the Garden of Eden, Hell, the Grind Djinn realm, and many other, unidentified realms and pockets of existence that hold various powers, abilities, and knowledge.  

These are the powers and abilities that you will receive when using this piece.  They are literally out of this world.  The testers for this piece were able to reel in quite a bit of magic from the places they were able to experience with changing the frequencies of their mind.  
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