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Three is the Great Mystery

Three is the Great Mystery

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    The piece that I am offering is a piece that holds the key to the secrets of life.  Not only does this piece hold the secrets of life, but it allows you to create a multitude of magic.  That's because the power in this piece is the building block of life.  It is the building block of magic and the answer to the question, "What is the basis of sacred geometry?"  It is the basis of our bodily biosystem.  It is the secret and divinity of the number three.  




    I'd actually like to start this process out by mentioning how we came across this caveat of information.  We have come across a couple of original papers that were owned by none other than Sir Isaac Newton.  These papers are what really opens the door for us.  We already knew that he was one of the greatest scientists to ever live.  What we didn't know is that he was infatuated with the Emerald Tablet of Thoth.  He had a translated copy of it within his personal belongings, which were, of course, exploited after his death.  

    The supplemental papers that we have come across point to the fact that the original Thothian tablets point to the number 3 as the origins of all magic and as the origins of our universe.  We tried deciphering some of the calculations that he drew down on the few pages that we received, but unfortunately there just wasn't enough.  Instead, we settled on working with the piece that accompanied the papers.  This is how we were able to tell that Newton's experience did indeed come from the tablets.

    This piece is obviously more contemporary than the papers.  It was created much later and it embodies a spiritual manifestation of the universe.  You will see that the piece is a lady and she is holding a skull.  The skull represents death.  This is not death as at the end of your life.  Rather, the skull represents the death of your mortal consciousness and the rebirth of the universe inside of you.  We will touch more on the power of destruction and renewal in a bit.  

    The number three can be found everywhere in the universe and it is the gateway to universal ascension.  In fact, the magic and energy of the number three are so powerful that it was intensely studied by Greek Philosopher Pythagoras.  You might remember him for his work with triangles and the Pythagorean Theorem.  

    What you likely didn't know is that before becoming the Greek's most well-known mathemetician, Pythagoras spent time in Egypt.  It was while he was in Egypt that Pythagoras learned the trick of the triangle.  It is the ancient and sacred key that opens up the capstones of the pyramids.  This piece will reveal it to you.  

    The pyramids are built with a series of three angles and three sides.  when added all up it equals 360 degrees, which is the number of degrees in a perfect circle.  It also represents the orbits of the stars and the planets in the universe.  When using this piece the magic of the ancient pyramids will be revealed to you via the significance of the number three and its energies.  These are ancient secrets of the pyramids including alchemy of the soul, the ability to create magic out of simple thoughtforms. and the ability to summon the ancient Egyptian god forms.  

    It is at this point that I will circle around once again to Pythagoras.  While studying in Egypt he realized that the number three was the archetype of the construction of the universe.  It was the power that was held by the Great One and the magic that was delivered by "Gods from other worlds."  

    Essentially, the energies and reverberations of the number three have the ability to open portals to other dimensions of knowledge and magic.  It has the ability to put the mind into alternate states of consciousness where achieving things such as immortality or full-body healing is possible.  

    The Gods from Other Worlds examples can best be depicted in three different scenarios.  It's not limited to these three scenarios.  We will, however, share the three most obvious.  The first one is the most obvious.  
    The number three is the number of God.  It is the number of the Holy Trinity, the threefold God.  These are the father, the son, and the holy ghost.  with the power of the number three, the divine nature of God will be revealed to you when using this piece.   His 72 secret names which are his 72 divine powers will become your own.  You will speak with authority over the universe that God has created.  You will know its secrets and you will be able to manifest divinity and divine magic in your mortal form.  It's like being a god on Earth.  

    The second example is also pretty obvious and goes back to the Greek Pantheon and the existence of the Moirai, more commonly referred to as the three fates.  They are the weavers that cut the fabric of destiny and weave it together into the fate of the universe.  This piece and the power of three allows you to embrace their presence.  

    This opens up the possibility of controlling your own fate and destiny. You will be able to command the powers of the Moirai.  In doing so, you will be allowed to dictate how your life, all your future lives, and your afterlife will play out.  It will literally allow you to customize and create what you experience in every aspect of your existence.  

    The final example of "gods from other worlds" we have for you is the divine trinity in the Vedic pantheon.  Brahma is the great creator of the universe.  Vishnu is the preserver of reality.  Shiva is the great destroyer.  Renewal and continuous growth are not possible if there is no destructive energy, so the balance of the three helps maintain the homeostatic nature of the universe.

    When you own this piece you will be able to use this energy to bring balance to the chaos around you.  It will allow you to control the outcomes of possibilities.  It will allow you to experience the continuous evolution of existence.  Moreover, it brings you the ability to find balance in your own life and bring balance to your life and your existence.  

    This brings me to my next point about the powers of the number three.  Not only are the powers of the number three present in the divine, but they are also present in us intrinsically, within our bodies. This is because we were created in the image of God.  This means we are all miniature divine beings.  We are all born with the power of the number three.  

    In our bodies, this is demonstrated by our DNA code.  Humans depend on a total of three types of molecules for all of our biological functions. They are DNA, RNA, and proteins.  These biological macromolecules are absolutely necessary for life. They carry all the "goodies" of life, including what magical abilities you are innately born with.  Further deciphering of the genetic code reveals that the structure of DNA is reliant on a series of three combinations of molecules known as triplets.  

    Within these triplets is where the good form and divinity are hidden.  It is by embracing the powers and energies that are packed into these molecules that we can embrace what is known as cellular identity and cellular memory of the divine.  As I said, we are all born in the image of God, meaning we are created similarly by the powers of the universe to the way God was created out of the chaos.  It's a simple fact that history repeats itself. We are all living examples.  

    The number three and its unique power presents you with the ability to embrace a certain type of bio-alchemy that will allow you to awaken the secrets of alchemy within your own body, which brings me back to the beginning, and Sir Isaac Newton.  He found within the Emerald tablets of Thoth, also known as Hermes Trismegistus, a type of Hermetic bio-alchemy that allows humanity to change the way their mind process the information presented to them by the universe.

    The awakening and evolutionary process of the power of the number three will reveal to you the primordial code of the universe that is required to build and create all things, just like it is necessary for our own existence.  It will give you a connection to the universe, the cosmos, the akasha, the zodiac, and divine wisdom.  This is all knowledge that will allow you to do and accomplish whatever you want.  This is the power and the knowledge of creation and that ability is not and has never been limited.  

    With the knowledge of creation, anything is possible.  That's why it is said in the Bible that with God (the divine) all things are possible.  Once you use the power of three to unlock the secrets and the knowledge of the universe, there is nothing that you will not be capable of doing.  

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