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Three Solomonic Temple Djinn

Three Solomonic Temple Djinn

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This piece is very simple to understand, yet it is very powerful.  With the help of our master conjurer, we have managed to summon the presence of three Solomonic Temple Djinn.  These are the djinn King Solomon created to guard the Temple that he built in Jerusalem.  God allowed the Temple to be destroyed to punish the Israelites, which kind left the Temple Djinn in limbo, so when you own this piece you are really doing a service in providing a purpose for these three white light djinn.  

Again, there are three djinn attached to this piece.  We don't know their names and you don't need to in order for the piece to work.  One of the djinn grants protection from darkness and evil, twenty-hours a day, seven days a week.  One of the djinn grant wealth.  It does this automatically.  You don't have to do anything.  The djinn in the middle grants wishes.  Thus, this is the only djinn you will ever need to communicate with.  You will wear the piece and think of the wish that you would like granted in your mind.  The djinn will work on granting it.  That's how simple this piece is.

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