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Through the Eyes of the Emperor, the Apex of the Pyramids

Through the Eyes of the Emperor, the Apex of the Pyramids

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We have been searching high and low for this gem.  It has been a long time coming.  We literally had to search out a special doorway piece that opened a doorway to a specific realm.  Once we were in that realm we had to seek a sorceress who was essentially holding the piece hostage.  The thing is that she wasn't even using the piece to accomplish anything.  She just liked the way it looked and knew that the piece was powerful.  She had absolutely no agenda with the piece.  We had to trade her a very expensive piece in order for her to give it up.  Even then it took a lot of convincing.  Deedee is good at arguing, so you can thank her that we even have this one.  

You might be wondering why we wanted this piece so badly.  The truth is that it holds a fragment of Napoleon's own soul.  This fragment acts as a tunnel that will allow you to burrow your way into his living subconscious.  You see when we die there are three parts of our mortal being.  The physical stays behind.  The soul goes to the afterlife.  A person's energy remains in the universe, along with their knowledge.  

What I'm getting at is we wanted this piece so badly, because it is yet another piece that allows us to see what Napoleon saw in the pyramids.  More than that, this piece allows you to see the pyramids through Napoleon's eyes, the way he has seen the pyramids through the eyes of the entity that appeared to him in the king's Chamber.  This is all-inclusive knowledge of the pyramids.  This isn't just some off-the-top magic.  It's a deep-rooted knowledge that, by proxy, allows you to look into the soul of the pyramids.  After all, they are living entities.  We have told you all that plenty of times.  

Inside the pyramid, there is an energy that is like a black box on an airplane.  It allows you to see into the past of the pyramids, where they have come from, who built them, etc.  I can guarantee this will offer a unique never-before-seen perspective of the pyramids' existence and why they were sent to Earth.  It will show you the pivotal role that the pyramids will play in the End Times and the redemption and evolution of mankind after something called "the cleansing".  

In addition to that, the pyramids hold energy called the all-source.  The all-source is exactly what it sounds like.  It is freeform energy and a source of all magic.  This energy can be molded and shaped into whatever you want it to be.  I'm not going to lie, some things will take a lot longer than others.  For instance, if you want to create immortality, it will take years.  If you want to fully shapeshift, that will take years.  However, for simple things lie wealth, love, anti-aging, more energy, psychic awakening, or creating a magic renaissance for yourself, it won't take nearly as long.  

I just caution you to remember that there is a reason why Egyptian magic is so powerful.  The Egyptian Empire was the preeminent civilization in the Mediterranean.  Some of their magic took hundreds and even thousands of years to curate.  Of course, I'm talking about things like harness the powers of Orion.  Still, have a little bit of patience when using this piece because it is the real deal.  It will lead you to a better and full understanding of life and existence, as well as the ability to create whatever powers
you want for yourself.

To use this piece you will place something of yours-- a hair, a nail clipping, a drop of blood, etc-- inside of the locket.  Close the locket and the energies of your life will embolden the life of Napoleon that is in this piece.  This is what will spark the psychic connection between the two of you, which will lead to all of the things I have told you.  Your life will never be the same.  
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