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Thus Sayeth the Monk

Thus Sayeth the Monk

SKU: 3921018

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This piece holds the spirit of an ascended Tibetan monk.  His physical body is somewhere in a tibetan temple in a constant state of nirvana.  His soul is free to roam the astral planes.  When you wear this piece you will develop and maintain a spiritual connection to the monk whose sole purpose for existence is to speak the truth.  By speak the truth we mean speak wisdom.  Yes, this also includes magic.  

You will be able to tell the monk what wisdom and magic you are looking for.  The chance are that the monks travels have already imparted the things you want to know upon him.  However, if they have not, then the monk will travel the astral realm to find what you are looking for.  This includes lower-level magic such as the granting of wealth, the facilitation of love and relationships, etc.  It will not do curing of cancer, immortality, etc.

We are not sure what his name is.  Either give him one or you can do what we did and call him monk.
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