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Transformation of All

Transformation of All

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We got this piece from a painting. If that sounds weird to you, join the club. It sounds weird to us too; but, our jobs are like that sometimes. They take us to weird and strange new heights of power. When Deedee got the painting, she was sure that it had an energy about it. She honestly thought, though, the energy was a capturing of the essence of the Sedlec Ossuary. That would make sense if you think about it, becuase the Bone Chapel, as Deedee calls it, is home to the bones of some 40 to 70 thousand people. Still, that wasn't it at all. It was something else entirely.Originally, Deedee had the painting in her home, where she had intended to hang it. However, after certain developments that I will tell you about she thought it best not to have the painting in her home at all. It was late one night when Deedee first felt the artwork calling to her from across the room. She was prompted to arise during her slumber and sleep-walk to the portrait, where she placed to hands upon it and it opened up a portal through which a spirit was invited.The spirit that came through was not a spirit at random, but it was one other than the spirit of Saint Germain himself. He came through as a middle-aged, but very fit man dressed in the fashion of the late 1700s. His hair was a bit wild and there was some blood on his face, but in his eyes, he looked young and youthful. He was full of vitality for the obvious reason that wherever she had just pulled I'm from, he had been enjoying a drink of blood.that was the first time that Deedee used the painting to call forth Saint Germain. It turns out that the person who created the artwork knew as much about magic as we did and created a painting that bottled up enough soul energy to be able to call upon the ay soul of their choice. Their choice? The Count of Saint Germain. I mean, it was a good one in my opinion and that's just simply because Saint Germain is an immortal soul that is quite capable of anything he puts his mind to. He is a vampire, but he is so much more. He is a time-traveler. He is an interdimensional being. He can create and conjure powers and abilities that only the finest of sorcerers have ever been able to. conjure. He is the essence of power.Of course, Deedee took full advantage of this and had many sit-downs with the court. One of these sit-downs consisted of Saint Germain telling Deedee about a secret society whose devotees worship him as if he were a god himself. They call themselves the Knight of Saint Germain. They are shapeshifters that have used the knowledge of the count to take whatever physical form they want. Saint Germain was so impressed and pleased with their devotion to his magic that he created a special item for them out of pure sterling silver.The item kind of looks like a spoon, with a "scoop" at one end of it. It has been formulated with the powers of Saint Germain's alchemy. The silver has been empowered by a pocket of energy knows as the Sagittarian Vortex. It is a concentrated pool of the Cosmos that exists in the constellation Sagittarius and has been known to provide the energies behind very powerful implements such as the Antikythera Mechanism, as well as the Ark of the Covenant. Of course, the latter was sanctioned by God, but he knows what's going on in the universe.This piece, called the Transformation of All, was given to his loyal devotees. they enjoyed the powers of this piece for many, many years. The fact is that these powers are many ads they can't be defined other than to say that they will allow for any transformation of any kind to take place. If you think you read that wrong, allow me to restate what I've just said. This piece, made by the hands of Saint Germain, will allow anybody who uses it to create any kind of transformation that they desire. Period.Long story short, Saint Germain came back into possession of this piece after the Knights of Saint Germain tried surpassing him in power and magic. They couldn't have, but still, the count wasn't having that and so he repossessed what was rightfully his. I mean, he made it. He carried this piece for many years until he found Deedee. He rewarded it for her because she wasn't really at all taken aback when he stepped out of a portrait and presented himself to her. She wasn't afraid whatsoever. I had the opportunity to speak the count myself and I believe that he said her first words to him were, "What the hell do you want?" Of course, she changed her tune once she knew for certain who she was talking to.Deedee now has this piece called the Transformation of All. It is used by simply placing a blood drop of your own into the scoop part of this piece you will then close your eyes and imagine the type of transformation you want to undergo. This piece is so powerful that this is more or less all you have to do. There is some more to it and those details will be shared with the next owner of the piece upon transfer of power. We have had this piece for some time now and have opted not to tell this story because we wanted to be able to test it out ourselves. Since acquiring this piece we have been able to use it during the following types of transformations: Alpha Male Transformation, Werewolf Transformation, Sanguine Vampire Transformation, a Saguinem Christi Transformation, a Total Immortality Transformation, Wealth/Abundance Transformations, etc.Believe me-- when we tell you we are busy, we are not joking. We were going to keep this piece for ourselves, but we realize that we need to make sure that everybody has fair access to the same magic that we do. Owning this piece is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.
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