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Transformations/Videos of Lucadian

Transformations/Videos of Lucadian

SKU: Lucadian

We have been getting a lot of requests for different types of transformations.  That's why we are making this listing.  We have linked up with an entity who is known as Lucadian.  Through his previous experiences and also through an Alpha Male/Werewolf transformation that we have given to him, he has decided that he would like to also begin doing some transformations of his own.  We fully endorse them, because we know he is powerful!  

The link presented contains a playlist of videos that we sat down to do with him on 8-13-21.  We highly recommend that anybody interested in a transformation watch these videos.  These give you an idea of what types of transformations he performs and will give you a feel for his energy so you can know that he’s the real deal.  The best part is that he is willing to customize and sit down and work with anybody interested in doing a custom transformation.  

Anyway, just watch the video, it will tell you everything.  Also, for those of you who have pea-sized brains, the transformations' price is not really $5M.  If you are interested after watching the videos, please email us and prices can be discussed later on, with all parties.  Please don’t email saying “OH MY GOD, FIVE MILLION DOLLARS!”  Rarely do we offer things that expensive and if we do they are worth it!

Here’s the link:

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