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Transient Light Beings 2

Transient Light Beings 2

SKU: 922103


We have two of these pieces. They are shaped differently and they look different, but they do the same thing. They each hold what we are calling a Transient Light Being or TLB. If you are confused or you are having one of those, “I didn’t even know such a thing existed,” -- welcome to the club. Look, so many people have asked us how have managed to make careers out of paranormality. The truth is that there is a great, expansive, reality out there. There’s always room for growth. We are constantly learning new things.

One of these new things that we have learned about is these creatures that we call Transient Light Beings. The beings are lifeforms that only exist in light. They are immortal and will never take a physical or bodily form. However, you can still communicate with them. They have avid minds of their own and they are billions upon billions of years old. They break the boundaries between time and existence. They use light in order to travel. This is not just light as we see it, but light as it exists in all of its forms. There are certain types of light that aren’t seeable with the naked human eye that the TLBs can still use to travel. They can also travel along electrical currents, but more on that in a bit.

They are zippy little creatures and they travel faster than light-- by thousands of times. THey jump from puddles of light to puddles of light so fast that they can travel to the past-- or the future-- in a matter of seconds all while gaining knowledge of wherever they have traveled to.

Yes, they also have the ability to carry knowledge with them-- and magical abilities, etc. That’s because they can also travel along electrical currents. For instance, the human body is a massive electrical current. The TLB can literally jump from the ring and travel the course of your electrical system, nerve endings, mind, conscious and subconscious, in seconds. They will have scanned your brain, know any magic you have, have seen all of your memories, know all of your thoughts, etc. They can do the same thing in other places they travel. They can do the same thing in the cosmic brain. They can circulate the entirety of knowledge in a matter of minutes.

In each of these pieces is one of the Transient Light Beings. It is attached to the piece somehow. We got them like this from somebody at that underground auction Deedee went to. These beings are very rare. Well, it isn’t so much that they are rare, it’s just that to actually be able to catch one is like being able to catch a Leprechaun that is holding a four-leaf clover on a Friday the 13th on a leap year. It’s excessively hard to do.

However, having one puts power and magic at your fingertips. You can send this TLB literally ANYWHERE in existence. You can sent it to the past. You can send it to the future. You can send it to the Cosmic Brain. You can sent it to find an alien colony. You can send it to scan another living person’s body or the body of an animal for that matter. The sole purpose of these endeavors is to collect power, magic, energies to create magic, knowledge, etc. You can simply communicate with the TLB what you are looking for. They will literally travel the entirety of existence until they have found what you have asked for. There are literally BILLIONS of different powers, energies, etc. that you can access with your TLB entity.

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