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Trepanning like you never felt it!

Trepanning like you never felt it!

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Trepanning like you never felt it!


I should call this a gathering of the magic of souls, but that’s way too long.

This piece is an antique and seen more than its share of blood and torture. Slightly shorter than a BIC lighter this is extremely heavy! Extremely, heavy! The bottom holds a strange symbol which was used to supernaturally capture the soul’s knowledge from all lifetimes of each person. A so called doctor invented Trepanning back in the late 1700’s I believe. I believe it was much earlier than that to be honest. One such Dr. who likes to be called Jack the Ripper ( I have no idea if it is the original, probably not.) used this piece to gather the essence of magic, natural ability, intelligence and intellect. This was gathered from the person when alive and all their past lives as well. This was a nefarious piece! This piece was dark. While it was used for dark purposes it carries with it what was intended, the magical and the supernatural abilities of the item itself and that of who it was used on.

Trepanning was the drilling of a hole into the skull supposedly to relive all types of illness. Dr. Jack wasn’t using it for that because he knew better. His goal was the superiority in the supernatural. Jack had contacts all over many areas. He would pay some of those men to cultivate a relationship with those they thought met his criteria. If they did it was reported to Jack who would give the go to in-order to tell them they were ill. This illness of course could only be cured by Trepanning. The person was made to believe death would occur with out this inhumane treatment. Of course the top Dr. would come in who was Jack. The head would be shaved and a very rudimentary drill would place the hole in the skull. The piece you are looking at now would fit in perfectly and the bottom with it strange sigil would soak up the all the supernatural ability, intelligence and often personality if it was good. This left behind a shell like those snorting bath salts. Sounds kinda weird doesn’t it? Well weird or not whatever or however this piece was made, it works. Notice the face and the teeth? I can assure you that design is from way before the 1700’s. The bottom magical seal is hardcore magic. The item alone can be used as a weapon. If you were to whack someone with this they are going down, permanently. I’m not saying to do this, I’m just letting you know how heavy it is.

Experience with this piece. I do think the surgical expertise of Jack the Ripper does reside in this piece. I also know there is supernatural wealth and almost every type of supernatural ability going back to when men got out of the cave period! This is because again, it tapped into past lives, past gifts. While some may not be interested in this but Leonardo DaVinci is included. What it has of him is not artistic ability as his number one but the ability to communicate with Aliens and see invisible UFO’s! There are literally thousands more that have never been heard of before. These people while not heard of, many are much more talented. For one there is a woman named Cherie ( not sure if that’s her real name either)but she is able to move things using the electrical substance in her soul and she could do it when she was living. Now it’s more pronounced. She was sent to an asylum after Trepanning. There is also an Asian lady that was kept in a cage and travelled through NYC being sold over and over again but she was never attacked. She has the ability to hypnotize upon looking into the eyes of her prey. I asked her why did she stay in the cage car. It was a cage on wheels. She said that she couldn’t have asked for a better way to destroy those who needed gone. Of course in the end because one of Jacks associates figured it out placed a hood on her head. Before her Trepanning she was blindfolded. The hole in her head and brain ultimately killed her. I learned that the face comes from a Mayan who picked sacrificial victims even though they went willing or maybe the drugs they were given helped them along. The design is from that time period. That is just the face on this piece I’m talking about. Later on I learned the bottom ( get ready for this) is the language of angels. Yeah, you can’t make this up because it just doesn’t make sense! The cylinder which is solid holds the supernatural, the eyes said to be of the soul, let them out to do their thing. There are thousands in here! I’m going to give just a short list of gifts from the gifted and magical abilities. There are a lot more to be discovered so keep that in mind.

First most of the spirits are gone, have moved on. All the abilities have remained.


High intelligence from almost all of them.

Artistic ability

Magical ability includes, conjuring, talking to the dead, alien communication, seeing the invisible to the living eye, alchemy, soul transference, psychic ability, surgical ability, composing, dark arts and white light magic. Full knowledge of anatomy. Meditation into other dimensions, intelligence in making money, magical charm and navigation. The supernatural ability to grow food and take care of animals. The ability to come across royalty and have wealthy and famous friends and associates. Historical knowledge. The ability to heal through the sacrificial spirits. Revenge with no repercussions, sorry but I have to list it because it’s there. Pure angelic speech and understanding and the ability to write your own code. Ancient Japanese magic. Ancient Egyptian magic and ancient magic from the plantations of Jamaica.

Keep in mind, not all spirits moved on. I have not had anything evil or bad happen with this. This doesn’t mean it can’t be used for that. I have to clean out some of these storage units, this is why you are seeing stuff on EBay. This also means that darker storage unit which is kept separate is having stuff put on out of it. There will be no demons sold! They are sent back to where they came from so don’t ask.

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