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Two Is Now One

Two Is Now One

SKU: 1062211

I have two of these and I’m selling one. These have been tested and worked each and every time except on this one woman I call Pennywise 2x4 Face. Pennywise 2x4 Face is a gold digger and so therefore it won’t work on her. If you are looking to better your relationship you already have this WILL work! If you are looking to have a relationship of any kind that is designed for you and to make you happy, this WILL do it! If you can’t find someone on your own, this WILL work! This is one of the best pieces I have seen for this type of thing. Maybe it’s the way it was made. I think that is the case. To use this you will dab a small amount of oil and wear or carry the necklace. Please give it time. It can take a little time to work but it will work! We have something similar that is less expensive, 38.00 that I will add on come tomorrow. It’s just takes an extra step to work. It to is easy to use but you might want a chain for them and they are newer. This set has a vintage necklace with it for luck in love. The other set not on yet will work for scabs aka gold diggers.

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