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Two Passionate Hearts Beating in Time

Two Passionate Hearts Beating in Time

SKU: 7182106


This is a very unique love item.  This is because it deals directly with the raw emotion ad love that you have for somebody.  It takes this raw emotion, that desire that you have to be with them, and that feeling you get when they are not with you, and it turs it to an energy.  This is an energy of passion.   It will create that empty yearning feeling, that paralysis you feel when you see them with somebody else and make it theirs.  They will feel that for you.  They will have a longing in their heart for you.  Nothing will quench the thirst of their love except for you.  

This pulsating magic will reach out to the heart of the one you love.  It will allow two hearts to beat in time so that way there is understanding, patience, respect, fidelity, loyalty, and, of course, love.  You will understand each other internally and externally.  You will love each other with raw passion.  Your lovestory will be something that Lifetime could only ever dream of writing.  

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