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Two Wealthy Heads is Better Than One

Two Wealthy Heads is Better Than One

SKU: 4202132


This piece is one of those magic Asian wealth fish.  In fact, it is a ring and it is double-headed.  It has been made by a celestial witch who has cast a spell upon it call manifestations of the wealth dragon.  The wealth dragon is another name for a star in the Chinese zodiac that is associated with bringing astronomical wealth-- no pun intended.  We are not sure if this piece is sterling or not, but we think it is.  It isn't marked though, so we can say for certain.  This is a very simple piece to use.  Simply wear it, wait for the bonding period to take place.  After it has, you will begin to notice wealth rolling into your life.  This wealth will come in the form of wealth in business, investments, raises, promotions, new developmental opportunities, increase in customer traffic, better business relationships, and other professional areas of life.  

Not only does this piece bring you wealth, but it brings you double wealth.  You know what they say.  Two heads are better than one and this piece has double wealth fish heads.  Enjoy!
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