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Ultimate Sex-Spirit-- It's Heteromazing!

Ultimate Sex-Spirit-- It's Heteromazing!

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I recently sat down and asked one of our testers if she could describe, to our customers, her experience with a sex-spirit item that she had recently tested fr us.  This piece is a sterling silver sex ring.  It literally depicts people have sex on it.  It's original and lots of fun to wear.  Below is what our tester had to say.  

The night was cold and lonely.  I didn't want to spend it alone and with the piece that Deedee had given me to test out, I didn't have to.  I love getting these kinds of pieces to test out.  You know, I'm not a sex-addict or anything-- not that I'm judging-- but why would I got out of my way to get sex somewhere else, when I can simply slip this piece on my finger, or put it anywhere on my body for that matter, and have sexual bliss on demand?  

The spirit in this piece lives for one purpose and purpose only.  It loves to please.  It doesn't have a physical form or a gender, so it takes a male for if you are a female or a female form if you are a male.  It's Heteromzaing!!  I know Haunted Curiosities does offer sex pieces that are necessarily hetero, but this one is and that's okay because not everything has to be curtailed to the mainstream, you know?  I'm not opposed to anybody or what they do in their bedroom.  That's up to them.  

What is cool about this piece is that you can fully customize the way it appears to you.  You can call it whatever you want to call it.  If you want big, bulging muscles you can get them.  If you want a tiny frame and a meaty man-piece you can get that too.  It's like playing a game of The Sims, except you imagine the way you want him (or her) to show up and then they do.  It's really that easy because the spirit in this piece just wants to bone.  

So, it was a cold and lonely night.  I took out the piece.  This time I didn't slip it on my finger at first.  I laid it on my navel.  The spark of sexual magic sent tingles up to my breasts.  We call them fun-bags.  I felt the warm sensation of sex magic zing through my entire naked body.  That's when I felt a warm hand on the inside of my thigh.  It was my guy.  His hand was warm and inviting and stroked me all over my body with just the tips of his finger.  

I took his hand and led him to my sensitive parts.  First the headlights.  I took him down to the garage.  At first, just the tips of the fingers rested inside, but then the fingers began to explore on their own.  I could feel the warmth of his hands inside of me as I began to let out little sighs of pleasure.  This is when he sat upon his knees.  I was wondering why he stopped, but as soon as he began suckling my toes, I understood.  I squealed with delight.  

His tongue traced my leg like a car on a road trip.  He found the inside of my thigh.  His huge manly hands slip under my butt and drew me in close to his face.  It was then that his tongue met his destination.  He slurped as if he was eating a juicy piece of watermelon on a hot summer day.  I threw my hands up over my face and for a second I thought that maybe I had joined the choir-- that's how loud I was "singing" for my guy.  Just when I thought it couldn't get any better he slowly backed out of his midnight snack.  He lifted me.  I looked down.  I could see that his meaty, fleshy, man part was ready to go.  He lifts me up and then slid me down on top.  

Our erogenous zones met in perfect harmony.   It was like a routine in synchronized swimming.  Everything was perfectly timed.  First, it was missionary.  He pumped like I was a car and the gas tank was empty.  With each thrust, it felt like he was going deeper.  His perfectly sized tool filled my lady-cavity perfectly and I could feel him sliding in and out over all of my nerve endings, tantalizing my body.  I began to let out uncontrollable moans that sounded more like sobs, begging him not to stop.  My insides felt like ecstasy from my head to my toe.  

In a sudden moment, he flipped me over and I found myself on top.  Longing for the friction of our bodies together, I felt myself swerving on his frame, grinding against his body.  From this position, I could feel the entirety of his shaft inside of me.  It was driving me mad.  My toes began to curl.  I was biting my lips.  His hands were around my waist and our bodies moved in unison.  A hot, tantalizing sensation began to boil over in the cord of my soul.  I slammed my body on him as hard I could over and over again.  Up and down.  Back and forth.  The heat reached my lady parts and I began to quiver.  My body began to shake and I could feel the orgasm flow through my body as I threw my head back.  My breathing was shallow and at this point, I was pretty sure the neighbors down the street heard me.  

As our bodies collided I could feel the sensual burst of pleasure and my whole body released.  The orgasms happened over and over and over again, all night long, as long as I wanted them.  With this piece, you are in control.  There is no stopping until you say you want to.  That's the best part about the sex pieces that I get from Deedee.  They are very potent and after I'm done I'm always satisfied.  My body always feels at peace and in harmonious balance and the pleasure is incomparable to anything you'd otherwise experience.

I will go ahead and just say that after testing this piece, I would highly recommend it to anyone.  If you have sexual frustrations, if you are having sex problems in your marriage, you can use it together.  Even if you're single and just don't want to put in the effort or commitment-- or better yet if you don't want to have that awkward conversation as to why he cannot come to Christmas dinner-- then this is your piece, darling.  Look no further.  
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