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Universal Embodiment of Desire

Universal Embodiment of Desire

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This piece does not hold the essence of the presence of any spirit. Rather, it holds her magic. Her magic is the primordial ad she is a primordial being. She is not an Earthling, but she can appear as one if she so chooses. In fact, she wears many faces and takes many forms. She moves among the stars and the constellations and has traversed the universe on many occasions.

We met her by chance during an investigation in Romania. before I tell you how we found her, allow me first to give you her name. Her name is Vanistelle. At least, that is her "human' name when she decided to manifest as such. Her true form is energetic.

Anyway, she has not a single malicious intent within the fiber of her being. Vanistelle is a true white light being. She is very powerful. She was created by the primordial energies of the universe and she is the embodiment of desire.

A couple of hundred years ago she was caught by a witch hunter while she was manifested in human form. She was practicing magic that the people of the time did not understand. The fact was that she was attempting to help the village she lived in prosper. She was captured in her spiritual form and placed in a copper witching bottle where she remained in Romania until we discovered her.

We discovered the bottle in a rather unimpressive home. Among rotting wood, in an attic, we found a hidden compartment. In the compartment was the copper witching bottle with a note that read, "All ye be damned that dwell in the dark." Again, I'd like to stress that the small human minds had no idea what they were doing. Vanistelle was taken by surprise, otherwise, she would have very easily been able to avoid the weak Earthling magic that subdued her.

Nevertheless, these are the conditions that we found Vanistelle in. We recovered the bottle and took it back to the office with us, where we began working with it. After just a few hours we were able to figure out what was going on-- that Vanistelle had been trapped in the bottle with containment wards.

We successfully released those wards and Vanistelle appeared to us in stately form. She was wearing a flowing black dress with long silky black hair. Her eyes shone like the north star. She spoke in a hushed voice that sounded like the wind blowing through the trees. Her skin was as pale as freshly fallen snow.

There really isn't a name for the type of being that Vanistelle is. As we've said before she is a primordial being who is the embodiment of desire. We are not talking about physical or sexual desire, though. We are talking about human desire, getting what you want, being able to have what you long for most.

After we set her free Vaniestell was still not angry with humanity, simply because she knows that they are underdeveloped in their minds and they do not understand. Instead, she was very passive. Using her magic she transformed the rusty old copper witching bottle into this beautiful stained glass bottle. It has a little bit of age, but that is what Vanistell found beautiful, so that is what she chose.

This bottle allows you to intake the power and the presence of what you most desire. All you have to do is fill the bottle with water and drink it down. This is called the "intake." When you partake of the magic that is in this piece and the potion it creates you will be able to experience whatever your biggest desires are.

whether you are looking for immortality, whether you are looking for powers of a djinn without having to deal with one, whether you want the powers of specific spirits without having to deal with the spirits, whether you want wealth, astral awakening, whether you want the ability to create power and magic freely, this piece will work for you. Regardless of what you desire that is what the power of this bottle is giving you. Your desires will be manifested by Vanistelle, who is the embodiment of universal desire.

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