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Vaginal Vortex

Vaginal Vortex

SKU: 4202125


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This piece is a sterling and enamel modernist ring.  It is shaped to look like a vagina.  This was done on purpose because of the power that the piece brings to you.  First and foremost, the powers that you receive with this piece have come from an ancient entity named Lendella who is one of the original daughters of Lilith.  this makes her a second-generation succubus born with seductive powers that were stronger than those of even the sirens.  

She traveled the world using her powers of seduction to entice men to sleep with her.  It's not that she always enjoyed the sex.  Sometimes she did, but many times she, in fact, did not enjoy the sex.  It wasn't about the sex at all.  It was about an ability her vagina had to pull the power and life essence out of the man while he was thrusting inside of her.  

The magic of her own body mixed with the motion and friction of having sex allowed her to use her vagina to create a vortex that pulled through the magic of whomever she was having sex with at the time.  In this way, Lendella was able to possess and steal any magic that she wanted to.  She has become a very powerful entity and her vagina has sucked many powers out of the partners she has chosen.  

We know that not all of you having magical vaginas and some of you don't want to go to be with every Tom, Dick, and Harry you meet who just happens to have a power or abilitythatayouu want.  So, we acquired this piece.  It holds the powers of Lendella's vagina.  You don't even have to bust a move to use this piece.  Simply stand close to the person from who you want to draw power while wearing this piece. Direct your mind toward them.  Their knowledge magic will leave their body and become part of yours.  
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