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Vampire Prince of Wallachia, Vlad Tepes

Vampire Prince of Wallachia, Vlad Tepes

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We have this piece that we received from a group called the Shadow Society. We have received pieces from the Shadow Society before, but this piece takes the cake. This piece is an empowered relic that was fashioned out of bronze from the 1400s and a stone that goes back even further than that. This piece is incredible. It is unparalleled in what it can do for you. It holds the power of Vladimir Tepes himself, who was a vampire, but who is so much more than that. This piece is packed-- and I mean PACKED with magic and knowledge. I'm not sure why we received this piece from the Shadow SOciety other than the fact that they said that Vlad told them that this is where he wanted to end up, so we could help him find a new, permanent home. Below is an encounter that we had with Vlad. Be sure to read the whole way to the end, as this piece does not disappoint.  



We did our ritual with a candle and some incense and it took us no time at all to make contact with Vlad. So, we are just going to jump right into how it all went down.  



Vlad, can you tell the readers a little bit about where you came from and how you have become what you are today?


I will begin. From a young age, I was interested in the occult arts. Nobody would know this, but my father kept a personal magician in the castle. Oftentimes when I was growing up, I would overhear him and my father discussing things. He would tell my father the secrets of the stars, he would show him his future, and he would cast spells that would assure my father's victory during battle.  


How did your father die, then?  


It is no secret that each castle had a magician. Even the ones that claimed God as their divine leader. We were Eastern Orthodox, but there was still a magician, sorcerers, alchemists, mystics. Think of Rasputin. Think of John Dee. People are obsessed with what they do not know and what they cannot see.  


When did you first realize that you were magically inclined? Was that after you became a vampire or before?  


So, growing up watching my father take instructions from the castle magician inclined me to become interested in magic at a fairly young age. My interest was catapulted one night when I crept into the magician's chambers to have a look around. On a table to the left, there was a lit candle. Next to the candle, there was a glass vessel.  


I crept up to the vessel to have a closer look and what I saw was a face looking back at me. The eyes were intense. They looked at me with purpose and called to me within my mind. At first, I was a bit afraid and I backed away from the table. Then I composed myself enough to once again approach the table. This time I embraced the messages I felt entering my mind, realizing that the face staring back at me belonged to an entrapped entity named Petru.  


To make a long story short that night I ended up stealing the vessel that I found within the magician's chambers. For the next several months I kept the piece with me. Sure, I had siblings and the rest of the subjects in the castle to keep me entertained, but Petru had a hold on my mind. I only desired his company and his company alone. Of course, the magician noticed that the vessel was gone the morning after he awoke, but Petru made me promise not to reveal what I had done.  


The many hours that I spent with Petru alone in my chambers were for planning. First, Petru revealed to me the secret of magic. Using the vessel I was able to connect to Petru. He taught me many different forms of magic. It taught me how to control the mind of the people around me. He taught me how to move things with my mind. He taught me how to drain the life out of living creatures.  


He taught me how to create magic in order to get the things that I want and to make sure that whatever I had in my mind was what happened in life. It was an empowering experience. Even at a young age, I was able to control my father's mind, convincing him that he should make me, not my older brother, the next ruler of Wallachia.  


So, what you are saying is that your power came from this entity named Petru that you found in the magician's chambers? How does that relate to the fact that you have become a vampire?  


Patience, my friend. I will tell you if you will listen. It was several months after Petru and I became friends that he told me that there was something he needed me to do for him. There was a mountain just south of the castle where I was to travel, but he was very specific that I must be alone. I should have seen the warning signs at that point, but I was a boy. I was overrun with power to the point that it almost gave me a high. Petru could have told me to jump off of a mountain at that point and I would have listened.  


I made my way to the mountain with Petru in his vessel. It was at this point that Petru began speaking in my mind, telling me what he wanted me to do. He told me it was at that point he wanted to be able to reveal himself to me. In order for me to make that happen, I needed to create a body for him to live in. With the powers of my mind, I began to lift soil upon from the ground. A wind from the west began to pick up and the soil swirled in a whirlwind. I began to form the soil into a body with my mind. There was a brilliant flash of light and a loud popping sound. I fell backward and began to choke on the dust, but when I opened my eyes Petru was standing before me in physical form.


Petru appears to be a strong man... brown hair with golden eyes. He had inviting and calming energy, but honestly, his presence made me a little bit uneasy. I felt as though I had released something from Pandora's Box. Nevertheless, Petru had a grip on my mind and I followed him up the mountain.  


Eventually, we made our way into a cavern, unlike anything I've ever seen before. The walls were ornate with strange symbols and different types of markings. It was a very peculiar sight, to say the least. The cavern had a very still, uneasy energy about it. Tracing the walls with my finger I began to tell Petru that we needed to tell my father about what we had found. At that precise moment, I felt Petru sink the knife into my back.  


I gasped for air and tried to fight him off, but Petru was much stronger than I was. He stabbed me repeatedly with the knife. I could feel my blood leaving my body, flowing toward the wall with the carvings all over it. I tried to ask Petru why he had done what he had done, but I could not do anything but gargle on my blood.


The blood that was coming out of my veins began to climb the wall as I could hear Petru speaking in some strange foreign language. It was a strange sight to see. Then, I felt a warmness through my body, which was the last thing I remember feeling before I died. I felt betrayed by Petru, while at the same time I knew that what had happened was my own fault. I should have listened to instincts before coming up to the mountain with him alone. My breath became shallow and eventually, I felt my consciousness slip away. Then, I awoke.  


Wait, so you're saying that you died and then came back to life. Where was Petru? What happened to him?  


I am going to tell you now. When I awoke Petru was nowhere to be found. My senses were extremely heightened. Immediately, I began to smell the mixtures of Earth and blood. I could hear things from back down by the castle. The colors of the things around me were rich and vibrant. Thoroughly confused, I got up to make my way back down the hill, with the vessel that had once housed Petru.  


I found the magician in his chambers and demanded to know what had happened. I was freaked out, to begin with, and I must have come across something urgent to the magician. After he figured out what I was talking about he simply said something about it and flashed a very broad, cheeky smile in my direction. He mumbled something about me wanting to be a magician so now I was going to learn.  


Afterward, he called one of the

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