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Vampiric Virility

Vampiric Virility

SKU: 22521072

We now accept several payment forms for your convenience.  We accept PayPal and credit cards through PayPal.  If you want to PayPal the money, email Deedee and let her know and we will send you an invoice.  You can pay via CashApp and Venmo.  For these two, you will email Deedee and she will send you an invoice.  Finally, we accept Zelle.  Zelle is done through your bank and the limits on Zelle are set by them.  You will send the money using the email address  Before sending money, please email Deedee and let her know what the money is for.  If we receive money and no explanation we are not going to know what it is for and we will assume it is a gift.  

We also accept cash through the mail at your risk.  We are not responsible if the cash is lost or stolen en route to our address.  


We have two of these pieces that were customed-created.  They are are not identical, but similar.  They are around 24-inch, gold over sterling silver chains.  We know that a lot of you love vampires and we haven't offered a top-notch vampire piece for a while, so we a few backs we had these pieces sent out to be made.  To do this, we sent them to the vampire farm in Pennsylvania.  These pieces were worn for two weeks by a particularly powerful sanguine vampire named Pierre.  He was changed in France in the 1700s, but not by his choice.  He was a victim of a secret society that abducted Pierre when he was just a child.  They put him in a cage and tortured him.  When he was just about lifeless, the society used a blood infusion ritual to change Pierre.  The society had control of him for about two hundred years because they owned his birthright.  Finally, one day Pierre just snapped, eliminating half of the society and taking back his birthright in the process.  

This piece underwent a blood ritual, but it was done with Pierre's own blood.  Just to be upfront with those who are reading this piece-- it is not a transformation piece.  Rather, this is a vampire vitality and virility piece.  As I said, we have two of them, both of which hold the same power.  They were both worn by Pierre.  They both underwent the blood ritual.  When you wear this piece you will first receive a psychic opening.  This is a psychic opening that is done from a vampiric point of view.  It will give you abilities such as mind control, the ability to travel in the astral realms, a psychic discernment that allows you to identify people as they truly exist.  It will give you the ability to draw powers and energies out of people, including magic and knowledge that exists within their minds.  

This piece gives you superhuman strength.  It will give you speed, strength, and endurance.  You will become ageless, with your aging process being nearly halted in its tracks.  You will become self-healing.  This piece will give you charisma and charm.  It will allow you to seduce anybody that you want.  You become a sex god, being able to go longer and please better than ever before.  This piece will enhance your size and your girth, allowing you to fill all the right spaces.  Your member will deliver an electric spark that will tantalize and please anything body part that it touches.  With a piece like this, what else could you possibly want?

You may receive chain not featured here.
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