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Venusian Secret Science & Health Magic

Venusian Secret Science & Health Magic

SKU: 412405


This is an extremely rare piece. First this color changes as you wear it because it’s giving you abilities. This is in sterling silver and is a nice size pendant. This is not cheaply made. What is also unusual about it is that it gives the secret science of the Venusians and the health magic which begins to work right away. There is more though! You will get messages sent to you by email when they are available and given to me. The buyer asked me to see if I could get in contact with Valiant Thor and I did. He will too. The love the Venusians have to spread happiness, health and abilities in very incredible! They say we do not have to age or die. They go on about an unlocking the secrets of the central light and vitality elixirs and so much more! They are in fear of a nuclear war at this time which I can certainly understand. This is one of a kind and not to be missed!

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