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Violent Aliens & The Missing

Violent Aliens & The Missing

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Violent Aliens & the Missing!

You have heard about this I’m sure, but have you really heard? The Dyatlov Pass incident has never been solved but there have been theories. Most of the theories are that the Russian Government was using the area as a secret testing ground. That’s just not true and I can prove this to you. As long as you have a mind for some research you will find what I’m telling you to be true. You will need that and some logic of course.

So away they all go to hike. One guy leaves early because he became sick but he did make it home. The others were off course and decided to set up camp for the night. Days after they should have been back a search team was sent out after them. When the camping area was spotted some of the group was found frozen to death in the snow others were found in the woods. They were naked. Also inside the tent it looked like the one person was being clawed from the inside of the sleeping bag. While that’s all strange enough there is much more. Some in the group had crushed chests which would normally occur if a car ran into them. Others had their tongues ripped out, one had their ears ripped off and one had her uterus taken and another had his balls missing. Now it’s been said that it was a nuclear testing site because radiation was found on their clothes. However, logically that’s wrong. If you wanted to go with radiation by the Russian government doing testing, okay fine. That doesn’t explain the injuries of ripped off and out body parts! That doesn’t explain the reproduction organs removed or the clawing from inside one of the sleeping bags! If it was just radiation then yes, but it wasn’t. Now let’s look at what type of high intelligence aliens would do this. There are a few types but the one who matches the incident the most would be the Reptilians, however it wasn’t them. This was the Annunaki. No matter what you have been told this is by far the scariest breed! Of course there are others and some not even well known but it’s why these are here that matters. Just like you have heard about the Reptilians and how they control governments through threats and shapeshifting, the Annunaki are much worse! While your attention is on the Reptilians the Annunaki are running the show. Why were they on that mountain? Well that is very interesting! Long before and still after the Dyatolv Pass incident a TON of alien and paranormal activity has gone on. People now and in the pass have had full contact with what they call beings from space. The Native Americans have been saying the same thing forever. The area also has strange magnetic anomalies. There is a very strange and high energy in the place along with people having visions. There have been many serious supernatural experiences as well as people saying they were experimented on. Let’s not forget the mysterious creatures many have claimed to see. Getting back to the Annunaki. Many people think these are great aliens or spiritual beings, they are not! They often get confused with the Watchers or the Elohim. The Annunaki have been in control for a long time. They can shape shift, use total manipulation and mind control and are extremely intelligent. They have been the ones who have shaped history for their own benefit. They can time travel and are still experimenting on humans. This is why the sexual organs are being removed. Also with the public schools teaching you can change your gender at anytime and at will there will be less real women and men for these aliens to capture. This means you have a higher chance of being experimented on or your sexual organs used to create half breed aliens! Many of the transgender, no gender or constantly changing gender people could have been taken up by these aliens and just not remember it. I say this because in ancient Sumerian texts it says exactly that. It goes into these beings from space or the stars that experimented with changing the human body into half animal half human. Later on they began changing the sex of humans by using mind manipulation last but first by force. Now that’s one traumatic event if that were to happen to you! One day you’re bopping around with knockers and the next you have golf balls in your knickers! You see what I mean? If that doesn’t get resolved you are going to repeat this life after like until you confront it. So about this piece. This is a piece that has many of the deep seated power and abilities of not just the Annunaki but all the mysterious energy of the mountain itself. Work with this ring because you get the 411 on everything! You can mind connect with this group of aliens while protecting yourself using your ancient ancestors. This means they don’t have to know you are an observer. This has allowed me to look into meetings where certain government officials are threatened, Obama was one of them. Currently RFK is one also but he doesn’t care. Biden is aware of this and so he continues to refuse secret service detail but I believe that’s going to change in just a few days from what I saw. Look it up, there is no other way I can know this. When you are on the ballot you are entitled to SS detail but RFK is being denied this, why? Because RFK tells the truth! He is the only one who is not afraid to do so even though he’s getting threats on his life! Ask yourself why Biden won’t give it to him? There is something I could put here but unfortunately I can’t! Trust me on this that old man is a shell, look into his eyes. What lurks in there? I will tell you this, they have been around a very long time and will most likely only go when we do. Look up what I told you about RFK. How am I going to know he will get SS detail? Just wait for it. Also I know who will win the election but there is a reason I can’t say that one. Also Putin knows about these aliens too. He threatened to tell the American people about them if Obama kept doing something he didn’t like. I forget what that was. That was caught on bit mic. So with this sterling silver size 11 ring you will be able to gain what they can do, know what they know, see the half breed people/ aliens they created and know what’s going on. All this while having the power they do. This is extreme technology and intelligence along with supernatural abilities mainly unknown to us.

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