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Voodoo Desires of the Heart

Voodoo Desires of the Heart

SKU: 5112121


The piece that is being offered is a heart pendant.  It holds Voodoo powers that were granted to it by Papa Legba.  You might sayto yourself, "Well that don't look like a Voodoo piece."  Well, it wasn't originally.  We conjured Legba himself, which is never and easy thing to do because he always wants everything and a newborn.  Fact of the matter is that he owed us one, so we cashed it.  We actually have a few pieces that he created in one batch that will going on, but for right now, this piece holds love magic.  

You will wear this piece and meditate with it.  Close your eyes and meditate upon your love, whoever that might be.  Then, you will send the desires of your heart to their heart so that way they will have a change of heart.  They will fall for you faster than a drunken fat guy falling over untied shoelaces.  
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