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Warp Speed!

Warp Speed!

SKU: 21724010


Magical superiority.

This woman’s ring hold the magic of the 13th Rite of Magical Superiority. Just like the 13th Rite of the Womb rejuvenates a woman's body and fills her with otherworldly energies that allow her to feel renewed and allow her to feel recharged, this 13 Rite of Magical Superiority is applicable to both genders and renders their bodies in tip-top shape to receive magic. This means a complete overhaul of their spiritual essence and a reinstatement of their wellbeing. This piece will allow you to be in tune with the magical powers around you. It will also allow your body to be cleansed and recharged in order to be able to work with magical pieces and other energies. People need to be reinstated to their perfect magical superiority in order to use them. That is the whole point of this piece. It gives spiritual rejuvenation and invigorates the soul with otherworldly energies that allow them to use the magic in the world around them-- including the magic that is found in magical relics and other items. This piece was created with 13 crystals, each one representing one of the ancient rites to magical superiority. I don't know what these are off the top of my head, but they aren't important because this piece fastforwards you right to the end, like a super mario warp whistle.

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