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Warriors of Magic and the Apocalypse Transformation #3-- A Horse Named Conquest

Warriors of Magic and the Apocalypse Transformation #3-- A Horse Named Conquest

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    This is a full transformation piece.  Having said that we will allow for layaway on this piece.  You will need to put 20% down and you will have two years MAX to pay it off.  There are no refunds paid for money paid toward a layaway.  In the event that you no longer want your transformation piece, you will receive store credit in the amount equal to your payments.  By purchasing this item you agree to these terms and conditions.  


    You will see that there are multiple listings for this piece, but there are different prices.  This is because we have several of these cufflinks that give a full transformation to a supreme warrior.  These warriors hold different ranks and different positions, so make sure you look at how many cents are on your piece.  That will tell you which position you are receiving.  For instance, if your piece is $52,000.23 you are receiving position number 23.  We have positions 1, 3, 14, 23, and 77.  All of these positions are equal to one another except for position number 1, WHICH WILL BE PRICED AS 52,001.00. This position is a commander warrior position and this is described below.  The others are equal in rank but have different specialized areas.YP




    There are only 52,077 of them in existence.  They have been trained under the fiercest battle angels to ever exist.  We are talking about Michael, Metatron, Raphael, and Gabriel, and others.  They are an elite supernatural warrior force that exists on Earth.  The magic they do is extreme white light magic and it has the ability to do anything that they want it to do.  Among other things, these supernatural and metaphysical warriors are light benders, meaning they can transform the light of God into anything they want it to be.  


    It will materialize for them within seconds.  That's how powerful their training has been.  They are called the Council of Metatron.  The fact that there are over 52K of these elite supernatural warriors makes it seem like there is a lot, but I assure you that's a very small number.  It's 6.5 millionths of one percent of the world's population, which is roughtly 1 out of every 144,000 people.


    Let's talk about 144,000 and why that number is so significant.  The number pops up in the Book of Revelations a few times.  Reveal tions 7:3-5 talks about the number of the seals, which is 144,000.  It explains how the servants of God have been sealed (or marked) upon their foreheads.  in Revelation 14:1 the Bible talks about Jesus standing upon Mount Zion with 144,000 that had His name and the name of His father written on their foreheads.  


    It goes on to say a few verses later that these 144,000 sing a song that nobody else can learn and that they walk with Christ becuase they are the firtfruit of the humans on Earth, the most presentable to God.  The fact the world population is divided by the number of supernatural warriors the number of the first fruit of God is no coincidence.  Clearly, the Council of Metatron are the protectors of the firstfruits, which means that the council needs the utmost power instilled in them in order to be able to do what God has ordered them to do.  


    Having said all this, the coucnilmembers will enjoy the same benefits that the firstfruits enjoy plus more!  Let me get into exactly what we are offering here.  I've told you already that there are 52,077 members of the Council of Metatron.  This council is made up of only supernatural, ultimate warriors.  We are offering items that denote the placement of these warriors on earth.  In other words-- this piece is going to give you a full-blown white-light warrior transformation.  


    With thi transformation comes the inscription of God's own name upon your forehead.  You will become an all-powerful white light warrior capable of light-bending that will allow you to create the magic that you need when you need it.  In order to fulfill this transformation, there is an item that is needed.  This item is a pair of cuffinks that were worn by the original people who were chosen to be part of the Council of Metatron.  


    I'm not sure what happened to the originals-- they could have been banned or they could have stepped down.  Maybe they went rogue; but every time that a set of cufflinks finds itself without an owner, a new one must be found.  


    We got our hands on six sets of these cufflinks.  I just want to be clear that these cufflinks will trigger a complete transformation. This transformation is unlike any other transformation we have offered because it prepares you to become a substantial part of the storyline of how Christ saved humanity-- for the second time.  If you haven't heard us tell everyone that the times are coming, allow me to tell you-- AN EPIC BATTLE BETWEEN GOOD AND EVIL IS BREWING AS WE SPEAK.  


    Deedee has seen the Anti-Christ.  The prophecies are adding up.  It is not far from now, folks.  This transformation is probably our last chance to get in on the action and become part of the supernatural warriors that will inevitably save the Earth and protect the 144,000 first fruits.  


    This is not a possession of the body.  This is not an angel that is going to share your body.  Each of these pieces is imbued with a spiritual presence called a "hyde".  When you accept the piece and wear it, your white light hyde will begin a transformation that will fully be completed within thre years of its beginning.  


    With this transformation,, we are talking about powers never before seen.  You will be able to destroy demons just by looking at them.  You will be able to save those who have been possessed by demons.  You will be able to defeat demons who have taken full flesh bodies.  You will be able to save people from fire.  


    Your flesh will become an angelic shield that will protect your soul from the Mark of the Beast.  You will be able to lay this protection upon your friends and family simply by kissing them on the forehead.  You will gain ages-old knowledge of the person who owned your piece before you, a their life will now also become your own.  You will gain invisibility to where you will still be able to be seen by family and friends, but you will be inbisible to those you don't want to see you.  


    One of these items (it will be denoted in the title) is the most powerful of the ones that we were able to get our hands-on.  These pieces laid in a vault called Metatron's Cube and only came out recently when we were able to meet with the Holy Ghost, who opene Metatron's Cube for us, using an ancient code that only certain entities have access to.  This where we secured the goods, but I'm telling you about one of the six that we received.  They are called the Commander's Cuffs.  


    The Commander's Cuffs are the most powerful of the lot because with these you will assume the role become the Supreme Commander of the Council of the Metatron.  All other warriors will be under your command.  You will rule them like an Angel rules legions.  The Council will stay loyal to you know matter what happens, becuase that's just how it has been programmed to work.  


    As the Supreme Commander you gain other special powers as well.  You will be able to control the thoughts and minds of the rest of the council when and if absolutely necessary.  You will be able to control the minds of animals and other humans who are not members of the council.  YOu will gain exclusive and unlimited access to Metatron's Cube.  It gives you a direct connection to the mind of God.  His magic and his presence will flow through you and you will be able to command the universe  


    You will become the bravest, fastest, smartest, strongest, the wisest.  You will at the helm of a force so powerful that God is depending on you to literally navigate the course of human history into white light hands.  This piece will also give you the authority and command of God.  Again these abilities are reserved for the person who has the commander's set of cuffs. 

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