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Watcher In The Tomb

Watcher In The Tomb

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The only thing greater than living a life of fulfillment is to live on in legacy after you have died. Most people would be lying to say that they haven't wondered who would show up at their funeral and what they would have to say about you. I know that the thought has crossed my mind more than a few times and I'm pretty sure it's safe to say that it has crossed the minds of others more than a few times as well. To prove my circumstance, I present to you the Tang Tomb Figures. You may or may not have heard of these tiny figures, but it seems that they hold a bit more power than most people have estimated.

During the Tang Dynasty people wanted nothing more than to please the two judged of the underworld. These two judges of the underworld were the recorders of deeds, marking down each good and bad deed that each person had done. Upon death they would sentence your soul to either eternal bliss or eternal damnation. It's not that different than the whole Christian mantra where your name is either in the Book of Life or you are cast into the Lake of Fire.

To enumerate their many good deeds, their valiant warriorship, and the fearless courage, the most influential, and of course rich, members of society were buried with a troupe of ceramic figurines. These figurines were between twenty-five and forty inches tall. They were a vast number of colors and appeared as humans, monsters, and anywhere in between. According to historians, each figurine had a specific purpose assigned to them. For instance, in the grave of the great ruler Liu Tingxun, he had two ferocious monsters as the protectors of his soul. He also had two servants to wait on him hand and foot. He was given to horses and two camels to make the traverse from this world to the next. All this was done in accordance to please the judges who sat at the other side, waiting to judge the actions that you committed in your life. These statuettes were the harbingers of good news, saying, "Yes!! He is worthy of a stately afterlife!!" Whether or not it worked, I'm not sure.

What I can tell you is that historians, most of whom wouldn't believe in magic if it slapped them in the face, have largely missed the mark on the power of the statues that were placed in the graves of the ancient Tang peoples. Yes, each statue served a purpose, but there was more to it than this. Each statue not only served a purpose, but each statue held a power. They were not just an accompaniment, but they were the watchers of the tomb. Into these figures were placed a specific power, each of which was essential to the lord or king that was being buried. This magic followed them to the afterlife, as the statues were buried in the chambers with them to forever watch the tomb and to give them the powers they most desired.

Ceramic figures like these were made in huge numbers in an around AD 700. Their production lasted for about fifty years, so there is no way to accurately calculate exactly how many of these figures were actually made. I can assure you that they were innumerable. As I'm sure you've imagined, we were successful in securing our own collection of these small statues. Actually, they were found by Adita who is one of our investigators in Asia. she found them in an abandoned temple in remote Northern China, near the border of Mongolia. They came to her in a vision that led her to a hand-carved wooden chest, in which she found the small carved figures. They have never been put into the tomb of anyone, so their powers have never been used. Each one that she found possessed their own unique power that was intended to be given to the spirit of the dead. They just never made it that far.

The pieces that we are offering are NOT the original statues. They are, instead, rings. We are keeping the statues in order to preserve them. As you see, they are very, very old and we don't know if they'd survive the shipping process anyhow. To be on the safe side, we have transferred each of the spirits from their respective statue into an item. We are not offering these items to you, individually. Each piece holds a unique entity that holds a unique power. Each form of magic is the most powerful of its kind. Remember, these were originally meant for royalty-- and not just royalty but deceased royalty who had the ability to return to Earth and make a mortal being's life living Hell. Therefore, the powers had to be pretty much spot-on for fear of retribution. That is how they have come to be so powerful.

None of the entities in the statue have a name. Instead, you will call on them by the power that they represent. You will know the power that they hold, because it will be listed in the title. They are all being done as separate listings, so there is no confusion as to exactly what you are getting. With each piece, regardless of what you are getting, you will activate it the same way. You will form a circle of salt around both the piece and a candle. When the candle has burned out, then your piece will be activated. The spirit will show itself to you in the form in which is was cast into the original piece. It will then be at your disposal for you to summon the power that it carries at all times.

This ring is the embodiment of immortal wealth. The spirit attached to this piece will shower you with wealth from across a wide expanse of dimensions and realms. This wealth will come in many different forms from simple chance encounters, to lottery and gambling, to inheritances, etc. This wealth knows no bounds and will follow you into the afterlife. That is the different between mortal wealth and immortal wealth. Mortal wealth will remain with you only in the physical realm. Immortal wealth means that this spirit will follow you into the afterlife and will bring you metaphysical riches, assuring that you will have a very rich and fulfilling afterlife, in white light realms, with wealth and abundance. It is the perfect way to assure that the judges will look upon you with favor.


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