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We all have a planetary soulmate!

We all have a planetary soulmate!

SKU: 1202407


We all have a soulmate and we do have more than one. This bracelet is different. This gives you the number one made in the heavens universal soulmate. This is very easy to use too. The black stones are porous lava rock, lava rocks are made obviously from extreme heat, think passion and love, the kind you would die for or can’t live without. I know many of you seek different things, extreme magic, transformations, creatures, wealth, etc. The one thing that bring everything together is real and true love. You will find it with this. To use the item take an oil that you would wear as a perfume or cologne and place a drop on one of the lava rocks. This should be a scent that appeals to you and smells good on you. That is it and then wear it when you go out.

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