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Wealth Cycles of the Ouroboros

Wealth Cycles of the Ouroboros

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This piece holds the spirit of the Ouroboros Wealth. The real jade in this piece is symbolic of the ancient Egyptian Serpent of Lifecycles. Just as the Ouroboros guards the cycles of life, it can also be used to bring about cycles of wealth. These cycles of wealth will increase in intensity with each cycle. Each cycle varies in length with the first cycle being the shortest and each cycle after that getting slightly longer. The first cycle will be one to two weeks. The second cycle will be two to four weeks. The first will be four to eight and so forth. Each time a cycle occurs, the wealth you will experience doubles.

As a bonus, there is a flowering Asian money tree in the middle of the piece, to bring you blessings of wealth and abundance. It will also bring you wealth luck, as well as just luck in all general areas of your life.

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