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Wealth of 10,000 Dragons

Wealth of 10,000 Dragons

SKU: 7262133

This piece is a solid sterling money clip with a dragon etched into it. 

We have two particular pieces that bring extreme wealth that we have been patiently waiting to add to the website.  These pieces have been a year or more in the making for us, but they are much older.  We had to wait several months to receive the pieces themselves.  Then, we had to spend several months testing them.  We had to make sure that these pieces were as powerful as the person that we got them from said they were.  Our evidence is conclusive, so I will tell the stories of these pieces as they were told to us.  They are both money clips and they are both used the same way, but they both have very different stories.  They were originally collected by a wealthy alchemist who collects all sorts of wealth items, but only the most powerful that he can find.  He rarely gets rid of these types of items, but we had something to offer him in exchange that he needed-- a piece that would allow him to break a soul contract that he had made with a Phoenician merchant in ancient times.  

Here is the story about the money clip.  It is solid sterling silver and it is heavy.  It was once owned by a man that was known as the dragon caller.  He specialized in summoning all sorts of dragons and served under the Han Dynasty, where he was once tasked with summoning a very elusive dragon that could show the emperor his future.  Instead, the conjurer presented a wealthy dragon to the emperor, as I told you before the Oracle Dragon is a very elusive one and can disguise himself.   It somehow managed to elude the dragon caller. 

Either way, the Han Emperor was infuriated and cursed the dragon caller to walk the Earth until he could summon enough wealth dragons to bring the wealth of 1,000 dragons.  It took the dragon caller hundreds of years to complete the task at hand.  It was finally completed when he was able to transcend reality and cross over into spiritual realms, where he was able to travel to the Crystal Pyramid that is situated in Asia among the Himalayan Mountains.  It was here that he was given an epiphany from a crystal monk called Giwan the Greater.  

The epiphany allowed the dragon caller to see the universe from a central perspective rather than as a person within the universe.  He was able to finally call upon not 1,000, not 2,000, but 10,000 wealth dragons of all sorts.  These dragons carried many different types of wealth abilities.  From wealth in business to materializing wealth to calling forth the wealth of the gods, this money clip brings forth thousands of different types of wealth energies and wealth spells that will begin to work for you right away.  

To use this piece you will simply carry around a few bucks in it-- or really as much money as you want to.  Spend the money and then replace it.  The energy of the exchange of money will activate the piece and the energies will begin working for you.
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