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Weaponizing of the Mind

SKU: 3242102

We don't have a picture of this piece at present, but it is a very old ring.  It is a sterling silver ring with a flat blue lapis lazuli stone.  It holds powers that were developed by old German men who knew their shit.  It was a collaboration of minds with some help from metaphysical beings.  Could they have been aliens?  We think so.  Either way, this piece is very powerful.  Read on for the details.  

This piece is quite a treat.  We have offered pieces like this before, but this piece really takes the cake simply because it was purposefully designed to do what it does.  Some items have this power or that power because the magic inside of the piece happens to allow those powers.  This particular piece was specifically developed to do what it does, which is weaponize the mind.  

During the height of WWII and then again during the Cold War, espionage hit an all-time high.  It was simple really.  war became a game of chess and if you could figure out the opponent's move before they made it you could block them, defeating their efforts.  The need for spies that could do their job efficiently and effectively without getting caught created something that we personally call the Brain Game.  

The Brain Game was initialized in Germany and was then instituted in other countries to try to catch up, which was the paradigm back then-- steal the enemy's technology and then build it better.  The Russians were especially good at this.  However, if we have to give credit to a group that could be considered the progenitors of most of these weapons, it would be the Germans. Sure, some o them were crazy, but most of them had brilliant, outstanding minds.  

This intelligence is what sparked Hitler's ability to think outside of the box.  He was a huge follower of all things supernatural and metaphysical.  thus, he had an entire department of his Nazi party designated to magical weaponry.  This particular magic that you are receiving was developed and perfect by a group of very old Germans.  Some were Nazis, but they were only Nazis because they had to be.  Others knew that Hitler had the financial means to fund their mind and psychic projects.  

This piece comes as the result of the magic that was developed at the Nazi stronghold Neuschwanstein Castle.  This psychic project was coined Projekt Blaue Eule, which in English is Project Blue Owl.  We cannot confirm the actual reason why this it was called Project Blue Owl, but there have been diaries found surrounding the culmination of this project.  Supposedly, Hitler and his team at Neuschwanstein was able to use FM frequencies to make contact with extraterrestrials who manifested themselves as bird-like creatures.  These are the ones that helped him perfect this technology.  They were highly advanced.  

It is said that the blood-curdling screams that came from the experimentation rooms of Project Blue Owl were enough for several of the guards to defect from the Nazi party, effectively causing them to immediately give up their own lives.  Whatever the commanders had dreamed up as forms of torture for their prisoners must have been pretty gnarly, otherwise, why would loyal party members be pleading for death over having to hear another moment of the fallout?  As I've told you, the Nazis might've been wrong in what they did to the Jewish people, but it doesn't stop the fact that some of them had brilliant, imaginative minds.  That's really all that is needed for this piece to work properly.  

Again, this piece weaponizes the mind.  What exactly does that mean?  Well, it allows you to assault the mind of others without ever even having to move a muscle on your body.  That's because this piece has been created in such a way that gives you the ability to manipulate and control the minds of others that are around you.  It even allows you to do it from remote places.  Honestly, other than saying that this piece is a psychic ability, we aren't really sure how or why it works.  The magic was given to Hitler by the "Blue Owls" and not much else has been recorded about it simply due to the fact that the Nazis didn't want anybody else replicating it.  

This piece weaponizes your mind to allow full assault of another's mind and/or physical body.  It will cause mind chaos and confusion.  It will allow you to travel into the mind of others and create whatever type of chaos, imbalance, or delirium you might want to create.  You can create memory lapses where people turn into dribbling vegetables.  You can bring somebody's worst fear to life by literally causing the person to experience it in their reality.  You can make them feel sensations that aren't really there, such as them burning alive or being ripped apart limb by limb.  It can even cause physical death.  Of course, the physical death is done on a gradual basis where the person's energy is depleted little by little until there is nothing left of them.

Here's the thing-- there are no limits on what this piece is able to do.  That's the best part about using it.  However, you want to inflict your presence upon another person's mind is totally up to you.  It is only limited by your ability to be imaginative and creative.  Leave the magic to this piece.  The magic is there.  The psychic advancement to be able to do what you want is there.  You simply create the outcome.  It can also be used to assault the minds of others for the purposes of knowledge extraction.  If they have a form of knowledge or magic that you want, this piece can be used not only to extract and acquire it, but also to store it.  

The magic in this piece was used by the Nazis to extract tons of information from opponents during the war.  Honestly, it is still being used to this day.  We received this piece from someone connected to a foreign intelligence agency.  That is all that I can tell you about it right now.  That's how I know this technology was used all during the Cold War and even in the various wars that are presently on-going.  This piece is ahead of its time in what it can do.  I mean, it can literally scramble the mind of any target that you choose.  It can cause them pain-- artificial and real.  It will allow you to go in there and get the job done  Or, maybe you want it to be slow and drawn out.  It's totally up to you.  As I said, it depends on your creative ability.  There are plenty of people out there with brilliant minds.  Weaponizing your mind will be the best ability you've ever acquired.
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