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Weaving Spiders Come Not Here.

I believe this is Edward Doheny. He was one of the first members of Bohemian Grove when it was briefly called Jolly Corks because it was held in a pub by that name. This was in 1872. The picture you see is of him. Now I’m guessing that’s him. He was also the first to to drill the first oil well in LA in 1892. That was 20 years after he joined the Bohemian Grove. Not only making him a multimillionaire but also an outstanding wizard of the ancient arts. The piece you see that comes with the picture is a real sterling silver antique pipe. This can be worn on a chain and smoked out of. It can be used! They just don’t make things like they used to that’s for sure!

Eddie as he goes by told me that the Bohemian Grove has a statue of the Saint John of Nepomuk. He was put to death for never giving up royal and magical secrets. He stands with his fingers over his lips to show silence.

It seems the statue speaks after various rituals held in July every year. Eddie or Edward has said that Saint John blew into the pipe expelling all the secrets of ancient magic given and seen by him. This magic is dual in nature because even though John is a Saint and what comes from him would be all white light, it can’t be. Saint John was expelling all HE had seen, heard and learned. That was dual magic. In this case dual magic would be how to get wealth as all of the members of the Grove are extremely wealthy. The Bohemian Grove is actually the shadow government because All decisions including who will be president and who will go to prison is made on those grounds in July every year. It was also made at the Bohemian Grove to remove those Guidestones. I have to wonder why? What does the pipe do? Well for one thing it works magically and physically. Put whatever you want in it to smoke. That is up to you. You can also just put it in your mouth as if something was in there and inhale the living magic.

When I talk about what the pipe can do I’m talking about not just wealth but serious magic that stems from human sacrifice and ancient rituals. Because of that the magic is strong and unlike any other. To classify it in the best way would be to say it works for you in todays world as it does for them. This is like having your own empire, being untouchable, directing magic to who and where you see fit along with what that magic must do. You will speak your directions from your lips which become unblocked to the ancient magical energy of the spoken word. The magical spoken word is impressive!!! It’s a lost art. In fact the only ones using that art are those of the Grove!

This piece is a one of a kind antique that can’t be reproduced. The only other thing that will go on from the Grove this year is this years owl which Edward helped me to get. Apparently the owl is not only wise but took in all the rituals and magic of this past July. That is some serious stuff!

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