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What Lies Beyond

What Lies Beyond

SKU: 8132127

This piece is a Sterling pendant with a black stone.  

If you had to stop and think of an ancient structure, what woud the first thing that came to your mind be?  Perhaps the ancient pyramids of Giza?  Maybe Stonehenge in England?  Yeah, those places are old, but before places such as these were even conceived, Neolithic burial and ritual sites were being constructed in Scotland.  One of the most ancient of these is one that can be found on the Isle of Arran.  

In ancient Scotland in the Neolithic period, some of the oldest ritual sites in the world were constructed, using megalithic standing stones that were made out of something called pitchstone, which was a glass volcanic rock similar in appearance to obsidian.  This is what sparked the electrical and magic current that the ancient Scots were able to use to create their own magic.  Of course, this required, in some cases, blood rituals.  That was a sacrifice they were willing to make… literally.  

In one such ritual location in the Isle of Arran the obsidia was so powerful and so full of current that during blood rituals they held, the ancients were able to open up a portal through which they could pull through these all-powerful beings.  These beings could take the form of anything they encountered, including other humans, trees, plants, animals, etc.  

These beings could also mimic and replicate any power they had come in contact with.  Given the fact that they were primordial and they had traveled across the expanse of the universe for millions of years, they obviously had lots of abilities.  The ancients of Scotland were able to use the beings and harvest their energies and magic, which they put into other stone obelisks, artifacts and stuff like that.  

What we are offering is a piece, inside which, lives one of those lifeforms.  They don’t really a name.  They aren’t quite aliens, but they are gods or goddesses either.  They are primordial life forms and the best way to describe it would be to say the life forms are like flubber, except they are energetic and not in a solid state.  They can take a solid state i they choose though.  

You really just have to see it to understand. Your lifeform will most likely take a form it knows to show itself to you, but you will be the only one able to see it, because it is an energetic entity and it chooses to reveal itself only to you.  You can connect with the being telepathically and it will grant you the powers that you ask of it.
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