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White  Light Angelic Army

White Light Angelic Army

SKU: 672113

This is a modern-looking pice that holds some really ancient powers.  in fact, they are so ancient that it was gift that was given to Joshua when he marched seven times around the walls of Jericho with the Ark of the Covenant.  It is a simple power of the mind, but like Joshua, you will need a key to be able to open this power within your mind  For Joshua the key was walkin around the walls seven times, blowing the horns and shouting.  An army of angels swooped in and next thing you know, down came the walls.  

this piece is gorgeous.  It is real opal and has been crafted by hands of Michal, God's commanding officer.  It's for access to an army of angels whenever you need them.   Fighting evil?  doing a possession?  Having a tough time getting over a hurdle in life/  this piece has been made for all three of those scenarios and endless more scenarios.  They are warrior angels and they are hear to help you accomplish the impossible, whatever that may mean for you.   If this piece cannot get it done, it isn't doable!!
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