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White Light Angelic Eye

White Light Angelic Eye

SKU: 22521077

We now accept several payment forms for your convenience.  We accept PayPal and credit cards through PayPal.  If you want to PayPal the money, email Deedee and let her know and we will send you an invoice.  You can pay via CashApp and Venmo.  For these two, you will email Deedee and she will send you an invoice.  Finally, we accept Zelle.  Zelle is done through your bank and the limits on Zelle are set by them.  You will send the money using the email address  Before sending money, please email Deedee and let her know what the money is for.  If we receive money and no explanation we are not going to know what it is for and we will assume it is a gift.  

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This piece is a magnifying glass on a chain with decorative angels.  It's a truly beautiful-- and powerful-- piece. 

This piece is extreme white light magic.  It comes from one of the angels that were sent to Earth by God.  He was part of the fallen not because he did anything wrong, but because he was chosen by God to spread the good news on Earth.  He was also chosen by God to spread white light magic.  The angel has taken various forms over the thousands of years that he has been on Earth, but he approached us in his latest vessel to provide us with this piece.  

The piece that you are getting works in two ways.  It is a magnifying glass but can be used for metaphysical scrying.  You can see through this piece and it will allow you to see the spirits that are around you.  It will allow you to identify both good spirits and bad spirits, so only use this piece for that purpose if you can stomach it.  This piece gives protection, so at no point are you in any danger of possession or anything like that.  Besides, the spirits are already there, the only difference is that you will be able to see them now.

In conjunction with that ability, when you peer through this glass you will also be able to identify human forms.  You will be able to tell if they are other forms charading as humans or if they are truly humans.  Sometimes angels, demons, djinn, vampires, and other beings take human form.  you will be able to identify them by looking at them through this piece.  Just try not to make it awkward.  

Finally, this piece will work as a planchette with a spirit board.  It will allow you to communicate with angels.  Not only will you be able to communicate with angels, but this piece also acts as a portal that will allow you to pull angels through.  They may appear to you in full angelic form or they may be invisible and fill you with their presence-- it depends on you and the angel.  Either way, when you pull through an angel you will gain its white light magical abilities.  You can use this piece over and over again to communicate with angelic forms to gain their magic.
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