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White Light Guardian Lion

White Light Guardian Lion

SKU: 32421501

This piece is an antique pin.

This piece offers something, unlike anything that you have ever experienced before.  We have offered and have sold countless numbers of white light heaven hounds, white wolves, even white light griffins.  However, to the best of my knowledge, this is the first time that we are offering an entity like this.  Even if we have offered something like this before, we guarantee it was not the same entity.  That's because the entity in this piece is very specific and his presence is one of a kind.   

The entity that is brought forth by this piece is a white light heaven lion.  There were only ever a few of them created.  They hold the most hidden forms of magic that belong to God.  They also serve as the most nimble and ferocious protectors of God's most holy places.  For instance, the First Temple in Heaven is guarded by two of these lions

The first Temple in Heaven is where God's Holy of Holies is located.  The Temple on Earth was created to mirror the one that was in Heaven.  The Holy of Holies was where the priests could go to communicate directly with God.  God's Holy of Holies is where he goes to make his presence known.  It is also the place where he goes to bi-locate on Earth to communicate with humanity.  

Conversely, it is the place he goes to draw in knowledge and magic from the universe.  In his Holy of Holies, he has the ability to sit and look into the entirety of the universe.  He can see anything.  He can receive any type of wisdom.  He can know whatever he wants to know.  In this place, he exists in the universe that he created, but the universe also exists in Him.   

Why am I telling you all of this?  because this piece holds a white light, Heaven Lion.  The entity was once one of the guardian lions that watched th Temple, more specifically the Holy of Holies.  The lion is a lot of things and will do a lot for you, but the bottom line is that this Lion will allow you to enter God's Holy of Holies  This will allow you to share the knowledge of the magic of God.  It will show you his most sacred and divine parts of his existence.   

This will give you an arsenal of white light magic unlike any other.  It will be especially powerful during the End Times when things go awry.  The entity in this piece is a lion.  He stands probably taller than you are.  He may or may not show himself to you.  If he does, he will appear to you as a very stately beast.  His mane is made with the Holy Fire.  His eyes hold universes in them.  He knows his stuff and he knows how to allow you to experience the Holy of Holies, where you will be able to see the universe through the eyes of God to acquire any bit of knowledge or form of magic you desire..  

The lion also offers protection, spiritual and magical guidance, past life awakening, healing, and transcendence in order to travel to heaven in the first place, to be able to travel to God's Holy of Holies. This piece can also be used as a companion piece as it has plenty of stories to tell.
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