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Written By the Finger of God

Written By the Finger of God

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This piece holds the power and the presence of a book called the Tree of Life. It was written by a sage whose name is Elisha be Gad of Ancona. Elisha was overcome with a thirst for knowledge and so he set out on an expedition to find the knowledge he wanted.

During is voyage he was wondering around from town to town until he comes across, by the graces of God, a rabbi named Judah Alkabets. Know of Elisha's thirst for knowledge the Rabbi gave Elisha access to his library. Judah soon finds out that the library cotains many Kabbalistic, magical treasures al written by the Finger of God.

Among these works Elisha came across a small book that was wrapped and sealed inside of a chest that was then placed inside of another chest. It was a book of ancient Kabbalah spells. At this point he promises himself that he isn't leaving Venice until he has acquire all of the Rabbi's knowledge.

Upon the Rabbi's death, Elisha traveled to Safed, where it ook him some time to earn the trust of the sages there. Through the magic he learned while in venice studying under Alkabets, Elisha eventally gains their trust and they also give him their ancient magic and knowledge.

In a book called, The Tree of Life, Elisha recounts his trips and journeys made. He catalogues all of the spells and magic that he has come across in his travels.

While this book of knowledge is pretty incredible it does not even put a dent in the knowledge of Elisha ben Gad of Ancona. So now you have a choice to make. You could try to find a copy of the Tree of Knowledge, written by Elisha and use that to learn magic. You will probably need to study and get good at it like he did. This most likely take you years to do.

Conversely, you could by this piece. The mind of Elisha lives in this piece. It is an energy that we have conjured from the Ethereal realms. Admittedly, it took us a few times to get it right, but when we enlisted the help of our master conjurer we were on the right path.

The energy in this piece is the mind of Elisha and will be yours to access whenever you want to. It will coexist with you in harmony. You will be able to see into his mind in order to gain his knowledge. You can use this energy to manifest any type of magic that want. You can use it to cast any kind of spell that you want. You can use it ao conjure any kind of spirit that you want.

The thing is that while Elisha wa a godly ma, the magic of Alkabets was unlimited. His secret library contained magic of all kinds-- dark magic, light magic, dual magic, esoteric magic, literally all types of magic. This is what fuels the knowledge of Elisha and it is also the knowledge and the ability that you are receiving.

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