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Yavmael- Granter of Your Heart's Desires

Yavmael- Granter of Your Heart's Desires

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This is an astounding piece.  It is a large heart locket pendant.  It is also sterling silver.  It is a truly beautiful piece to look at and the power that is held within is nothing to scoff at either.  In fact, it is very powerful.  Once I tell you how I acquired this piece you will understand.  

I was traveling one afternoon in the Garden of Eden.  well, it was afternoon here  Time doesn't exist in the Garden of  Eden.  Not every time, but nearly every time I go to the Garden, I encounter a new aspect of the Garden that I encounter.  This time it was a fountain.  

Around the fountain was clear water.  The waterbed was precious and semi-precious stones.  In the center of the fountain was a statue of an angel.  It was carved from marble.  It is beautifully carved with precise accuracy.  Above the angel's head was a golden anointing bowl which the angel was shown dumping over his head.  He is constantly being baptized by the divine waters of God.

I sat down to cool myself with the divine waters that were present at the fountain.    As I did I noticed a reflection looking back at me from the water.  I looked up but saw nothing but the marble angel.  I looked back down and once again saw the reflection.  This time as I looked up from the pool an angel in full form stepped out of the statue.  It floated in mid-air.  Its wingspan was about as wide as a small building.  In its eyes were flames that flickered like a fire.  

The angel spoke in a harmonic voice, almost like it was lulling me.  It introduced itself as Yavnael, the Archangel of Desires Reflected.  In a nutshell, anyone who comes into his pool and looks into his pool will be granted their mind's innermost desires.  The angel can tell a person's innermost desires when they gaze into his pool and he sees through their eyes to know their minds and what it is they wanted.  

The angel granted me something that I've wanted for a long time.  It is personal, so I'm not going to repeat it, but the process of my request being granted was set into motion.  It's not an immediate gratification type of thing, but the balls began rolling on my request and I'm waiting for it to finish.  however, I know that the change is coming because I can feel it in my body beginning to take root.  That is how this piece works.  However, it is very powerful.  

Before I left the angel beckoned me.  He held up three-finger, one for the way, one for the truth, one for the light.  Inside of the angel appeared a heart and I was instructed to take it.  I did as I was instructed to do.  I literally held an angelic heart in my heart, but it was transformed into this piece when I came back into the human realm.  This piece is solid sterling silver and it is an antique.  

When using this piece your hair that you put in the locket will take place of staring into the angel's pool.  The energies from your DNA proteins will be sent to Yavmael.  Once he receives your energy he will be able to read your mind.  You will convey your innermost desires to him and he will grant them for you.  There are of course limitations on this.  He will not cure people who are sick and dying for any reason.  He will not grant immortality.  He will not give you a transformation or change your physical body in any way.  I only say that because we will have some people who want to shapeshift with this piece, which isn't what this piece is about.  This piece is about using magic to gain what you want out of life the way God made you.    
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