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Yes Queen!  Calling all Goddesses.

Yes Queen! Calling all Goddesses.

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This piece is either 10k or 14k gold.  We arent' sure which, but it is real gold.  The stone on this piece is beautiful, but it pales in comparison to how powerful this piece is.  This piece was created by a group that calls themselves Les Divines Femmes, which literally means the Divine Women in French.  It is a movement that started in France and has remained underground.  If you are in the right circles you might hear of them, but if you are not, the chances of you have ever heard of them is slim to none.

Les Divines Femmes do feminism the right way.  They aren't like those stink hippie people that don't bath and wear vagina hats in Washington DC.  Rather, there is a method to their feminism.  They are not trashy.  They realize that the true way to promote feminism is through magic.  It through the coming cosmic evolution.  It is through the revelation of the divine feminine, which is a divine genome that lives inside of every living female goddess whether they are goddesses of love, beauty, wealth, magic, or even war.

See, feminism isn't about embracing violence, and, most of the time, embarrassing antics that make you look like a foul-mouthed bovine.  Instead, feminism is about taking a soft, gentle, humble approach to spread the knowledge that you have.  Todays' feminism is very much the same thing as toxic masculinity and it shows.  To let yourself free and to really let the essence of the divine feminine in, you have to have to elevate.  You have to transcend to new levels and new heights of understanding and nurturing.  You have to nourish the empowerment that the divine feminine offers.  Then, and only then, will you embrace the divine feminine?  That is what this piece is designed to do.  

Again, this piece was created by Les Divines Femmes.  They spent a long time making this piece and that is because this piece allows you to attach yourself to each of the goddesses that it provides you access to.  You will be able to feel and to know each of the presences in this piece.  It is almost like they will be your magical mothers raising you in their magical light.  You will gain 100% access to each of them and that means that you will gain 100% of their magical abilities.  The Divine Feminine lives inside each of these goddesses.  

Don't, for a minute, think that if you are a man then this piece is not for you.  Every single living creature is feminine.  It doesn't make you weak or girly to embrace the feminine aspects of your nature if you are a man.  It has nothing to do with your gender.  We don't get into that.  It has to do with having a common-sense approach to free source magic that is available to those who are enlightened enough to realize that it doesn't have to be a competition and that we can all live in harmony!

Below is the list of the goddesses that are made accessible to you through the elevation and enlightenment that this piece will provide for you.  Truth be told, there are probably even more than this accessible.  These are the ones that came to the surface easily.

Isis- Egyptian Goddess of Magic
Ishtar- Mesopotamian goddess of Magic
Ceridwen - Celtic goddess of rebirth and transformation.
Bé Chuille- Celtic goddess of sorcery.
The Morrigan- A Celtic trio of goddesses who foretell the future and impending doom
Ama-Arhus- Sumerian fertility goddess
Gula- Sumerian goddess of healing
Innana- Sumerian goddess of love, war, and fertility
Nammu- Sumerian goddess of creation
Nidaba- Sumerian goddess of learning and astrology
Minerva- Roman goddess of wisdom
Venus- Roman goddess of love, desire, sex, and prophecy
Diana- goddess of the moon and lunar magic
Fortuna- the goddess of fortune
Aphrodite- Greek goddess of beauty and love
Athena- Greek goddess of wisdom
Bia- Greek goddess of force and raw energy
Calliope- Wises of the Greek Muses, goddess of enlightenment
Calypso- Among other things, Goddess of overcoming obstacles
Circe- Greek goddess of magic and magic creation
Gaia- Greek goddess of the Earth and Earth magic.
Hebe- Greek goddess of eternal youth
Hecate- Greek goddess of magic, crossroads, moon, ghosts, witchcraft, and necromancy.
Iris- Greek goddess of divine messages and prophecy
Nike- Greek goddess of victory.
Pheme- Greek goddess of fame.
Selene- Greek goddess and the mother of vampires
Voluspa- Nordic goddess of trance, spirit journeys
Skuld- Nordic goddess of the future
Ostara- Nordic goddess of fertility
the Norns- Nordic goddesses of the world tree; the Tree of Life
Freya- Nordic goddess of love, beauty, fertility, war, wealth, divination, and magic.
Eir- Noric goddess of healing and mercy
Kamadhenu- Hindu goddess of plenty
Tulsi- goddess of medicine and healing
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