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SKU: 2172408


This is your Yo-Yo! He’s to cool for school! He’s a happy little giving wealth and yes you can sit him on your shelf! No tricks but plenty of treats! There is no need to make an offering or anything else, no candles, no incense. Just welcome him into your home and introduce yourself. He is family and pet friendly as well. Pets seem to love him as they can sense things from another world. Young children as well, usually those born in water months. Those people will have the deepest connection with him. No matter what month you are born in he will work for you. He’s very protective of the entire family. He’s definitely a giver of abundance in all ways. It will be gifts and wealth. He also is very good at keeping harmony in the immediate family. He has been tested with only two families and myself. The reason for this is so he doesn’t get to attached and then have to leave. This one is a keeper and does want to stay in one home! If you have young children great, if not that’s okay too.

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