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Your Ethereal Ring

Your Ethereal Ring

SKU: 62923412


Ethereal Ring

This sterling silver ring connects your hands to beyond the veil. You make a connection with those who have passed on and those now in another dimension,including your other self. That is what makes this ring so unique and interesting! To use it for yourself gives you talents you didn’t have or know about in your other living world!

To use it to communicate with the passed on or those who have moved to other lives!!! Other times!!! Can you imagine that!?

This is just crazy but it works! Wear this on any finger because it doesn’t matter and you only need to wear it while using it! Place it on the tip of your pinkie if that’s all you can do, who cares! Then you can ask whatever you want to whomever. You take paper and a pencil and just lay it in your hand and let the spirit take you over. Trust me, it works. Sometimes you have wait a little while but it does work. The more you use it the faster it goes. This won’t disappoint but give it time.

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