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Your roots are now of the wealthy.

Your roots are now of the wealthy.

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This is a sterling silver vintage ring. Inside it has a cash symbol, $. This has passed through family members of the Rothschild family. In particular this belonged to the granddaughter of Mayer Carl Von Rothschild. Her name was Pannonica Rothschild. Mayer did a lot of charitable works and contributed heavily to Germany. He was born in Frankfurt. I can see nothing evil in this man’s background ( which is unusual) or in Pannonica’s. She too gave tremendously to various charities. She was deeply into art, must and many of the creative arts in which she herself participated. This IS. A spirited ring. She did sometime in the early 80’s and this was a treasured piece given to her by her grandfather. While this is a simple sterling ring the meaning behind the cash symbol inside was to constantly have wealth not just for herself but to help others. This ring has been tested by those who need money not in the arts and those who are. This was always successful. What I learned at the auction was to definitely wear it, it doesn’t matter what finger. The pulse you have will run through and meet with the ring. This allows your will and the will of the spirit to work on going you the amount you need as well as your desires. You can’t have evil intentions with wealth for this ring. It doesn’t work on that level. What I mean is you can’t want wealth to hurt others. This ring is extremely powerful because of how it was made, the energy in it as well as the intentions. This is the only one I have.

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