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Zeus and Others

Zeus and Others

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The legend begins with the birth of Hercules, son of the god Zeus. Hercules himself was a miracle as much as the circumstances surrounding his conception and birth were miracles. His mother, the priest of Zeus, and the ordinary people had long endured sufferings under the heavy hand of the king and they prayed morning and night for a deliverer. They offered sacrifices of strong bulls, made oblations with the finest wines, and would have offered themselves as sacrifices if they thought that was what Zeus wanted. But nothing happened. Or so it seemed.

Then, one night, Zeus came and -by his mighty hand- had intercourse with the king’s wife. He was wrought to anger but Zeus had planted his seed. In due time, a handsome, strong, and healthy baby was born. He was named Hercules, as the priest foretold. Hercules, the great. It didn’t take long for him to find glory. He was powerful, slaying beasts barehanded, crushing his enemies beneath his feet, and finally completed the 12 cycles of tasks by Eurystheus. But all these were only possible because he was his father’s son and he had a gift, a relic of the night that he was conceived. The Sterling Silver Ring with Red Center Stone. Zeus left it as a gift for his unborn man-god son and when he was of age, his mother let him have it. He first cut his thumb and let the blood crystallize on the Red Center Stone, uniting himself with his father. It was this ring that helped him achieve great and mighty things that no one could have believed. But he didn’t stop there. Through this ring, he blesses his followers with strength, joy, peace, and happiness. He gives them the mind of a god; fearless, strong, and authoritative. The Sterling Silver Ring infuses magic and reality, bringing unbelievable powers to those who wear it. His followers have cherished and adored the ring for ages now and the power has never dimmed even once. Hercules remains with us today through his magic ring, uniting us with Zeus and the old gods.

This sterling ring just doesn’t do Zeus but all the old Gods.

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