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Zoroastrian Soul Alchemy

Zoroastrian Soul Alchemy

SKU: 1012103


This very unique piece gives you a very unique perspective on magic. According to Pliny the Elder, the magic that was introduced to the West in ancient times was done by the example of one Zoroaster.

To those in Persia, who called him Zarathustra, he was a Wiseman-- magi-- who was chosen to bring the true God's unique wisdom and perspective to Earth. To Westerners, who were gobsmacked by the knowledge he claimed to profess, Zoroaster was a powerful and mysterious sorcerer who offered many forms of magic that the Church would not allow publicly allow. That brings me to my next point-- some people thought Zoroaster to be a false prophet of Satanic magic.

The truth is that Zoroaster knows many forms of magic that were acquired in some sort of way. He says that it came from God. I don't especially know where his knowledge comes from, nor is it important. What I do know is that his magic is powerful and it is all-encompassing. I know this because we have this piece. We acquired from a modern-day Zoroastrian Alchemist who has mastered Zoroasters Alchemy of the Soul.

Here's how this Alchemy works. To begin with, this piece already holds all the magic you will need to use the piece. You don't have to unlock any hidden secrets or anything. What you will do is meditate upon a type of entity or being whose soul you wish to become part of your own. This could be a djinn for granting wishes, a vampire for sanguine magic, an elf for white light healing, or something else. You will meditate upon the being whose soul you wish to merge with, a small piece of this soul will be alchemically merged with your own and you will gain the full magical capabilities and knowledge.

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