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When it comes to hunting game, knowing how to properly clean and prepare the meat is an essential skill. It ensures that the meat not only tastes good, but is also safe to eat. This is especially important for those who rely on hunting as a source of fresh, free-range meat.

Cleaning and preparing wild turkey and deer requires several important steps. However, throughout the process, it is critical to handle the meat carefully to prevent contamination. Wearing gloves is essential to prevent the spread of bacteria when skinning and gutting the animal. It is also important to work cleanly and to have access to clean water for washing your hands and tools.

When hunting wild game, there are additional steps that can be taken to prevent contamination of the meat. For instance, shooting the animal in the stomach or intestines can cause the release of harmful bacteria into the meat. Also, hunters should field dress the animal as soon as possible after the kill to minimize the time the animal spends in the field before being processed. By being mindful of clean and ethical hunting practices, hunters can ensure that the meat they harvest is healthy and safe to eat.

Now, let’s discuss the specific steps involved in cleaning and preparing wild turkey and deer.

For turkey, the first step is to remove the feathers using a feather plucker or plucking them out by hand. Once the feathers have been removed, it’s time to gut the turkey. This requires making an incision in the stomach and removing the organs while wearing gloves and working clean.

Next, it’s time to cut up the turkey, including removing the legs, wings, and breast. Skinning the bird is optional, but recommended. Once the bird has been cut up, soaking the meat in ice water for several hours will ensure that excess blood and impurities are removed, and also make the meat more tender. After soaking, the meat can be cooked or frozen for later use.

For deer, the process is similar, but involves some differences. First, the deer will need to be skinned with a sharp knife. It is important to work with gloves on and cleanly so as to prevent contamination of the meat. Next, gutting the deer involves cutting open the stomach and removing the organs. It is important to work cleanly and carefully during the process to minimize contamination.

Once the deer has been gutted and skinned, it’s time to cut it up, including removing the legs, shoulders, and backstraps. These are the most desirable cuts of meat, as they are the most tender and flavorful. However, the rest of the meat can also be used in stews or ground into burger meat.

In conclusion, cleaning and preparing wild turkey and deer is an essential skill for anyone who hunts these animals. By being mindful of clean and ethical hunting practices and handling the meat carefully, hunters can ensure that they have access to safe, healthy, and delicious meat. So the next time you hunt for wild game, remember these tips and enjoy your harvest with pride.

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