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All New Today!

All New Items!

There is another voodoo piece on called bite in the ass. You will see it.

Good luck and happy shopping!

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Shipping will be finished soon!

Everyone will be out in the mail come Monday. The only person who might not be in the mail is the one guy who wanted all his items in one piece. That will take me a little time but I may finish that t

Only shipping today!

We can’t do anything today but ship. Tonight I have two card readings that must be done. After that we will be back to adding things on.

All new Jewelry items Plus

Here are the new items from the last week and today. All the first ones are on the websites. I also included EBay listings. I only advertised here a few of the supernatural supermarket items because t

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DeeDee I've always wondered if a supernatural being has asked to buy your items themselves or a entity that isn't human.

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