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Shipping will be finished soon!

Everyone will be out in the mail come Monday. The only person who might not be in the mail is the one guy who wanted all his items in one piece. That will take me a little time but I may finish that t

Only shipping today!

We can’t do anything today but ship. Tonight I have two card readings that must be done. After that we will be back to adding things on.

All new Jewelry items Plus

Here are the new items from the last week and today. All the first ones are on the websites. I also included EBay listings. I only advertised here a few of the supernatural supermarket items because t


I mean it's normal to experience this type of things in winter season they sometimes dub it flu season also just because it can be more than a flu doesn't mean it is. I know there's a saying that it's better safe than sorry tho there's also the reasoning that you look into it too much you'll be stuck in the mud of your own thoughts through paralysis by analysis. It's not uncommon to question things of news of any kind afterall some take advantage of disasters while others recieve the damages of it. Plandemic or not would be nice to live in a way of life where it doesn't have to feel like something's out to get you.


Feb 19

It's a Good Thing there was a Covid preventative found! Cannabinoid 🪴 trichromes ( CBD, THC, CBN ) & Vitamin C 🍊.

There are 3 main varieties of Cannabis - Sativa, Indica & Ruderalis ( found throughout Russia in the wild ).


Unknown member
Feb 18

Not surprised. My girls and I got sick. Took about 10 days to recover. Three days with a peak in the middle, think you're getting better, then bam! About day 4 or 5, it really hits. Hardly any fever, but exhaustion, body aches, minor headaches, and chest coughs. Sinus meds helped, not cold /flu meds.

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