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Bohemian Grove Initiates

This is the entire description and it’s now on for sale.

Bohemian Grove Initiates

This year as with all years many new members join the grove. Former President Trump has been courted years ago but turned it down. I wonder why? Well, for starters let’s get into what’s been going on. In 1999 it was PROVEN that a child sacrifice had been made. Reported a few years earlier by a guy who gave extreme details but wasn’t listened to, at first. He described a tree by the Moloch owl. He told them of a child human sacrifice and child snuff films being shown. He even went into specific rooms on the premises. About two years later he was proven to be telling the truth. The police in the area have the report and refuse to act on it. Do your research, this is not a theory but the truth! This is not a my truth or your truth BS thing. This is THE TRUTH! It’s sad and sick all at the same time. So think, how many more children have been sacrificed to Moloch? Let’s think a little more and step it up a notch. If you’re watching the news in the last few days you are aware of Fauci. Both him and his little tiny buddy look like they came straight out of a camp where they have done experiments, well because they have! The gain of function was all true! Fauci working with the Chinese lab to create a deadly virus was all true! He went as far as to have his little buddy use private email so FOIA would never have records. He even met with him in person and I have seen the evidence in emails! So… was that a dry run? What’s next? That is the scary part! Fauci did this with the help of certain government officials and if they got away with it then, what will they get away next? Next time Ebola? Next time we are all dead because of population control? Don’t believe me? It’s okay so ask yourself this? Why has Gates and others bought bunkers? Why has Biden bought four jets that are nuke proof, 3 weeks ago or so? Yeah, sorry I’m not the crazy one! I watch the actions of these demons in government. Let’s get into some of the rooms in Bohemian grove now. In the meantime, don’t forget to check out what I’m telling you. More than half my job is research, the other parts are investigating, testing and shipping. Onto the rooms! Did you know they hold a UNDERGROUND lounge (sign spelled U.N.derground) a Dark Room, a Leather Room and a Necrophilia Room." All is true! Let’s think about what a dark room is. That is a murder room. The leather room is for sexual beatings and the Necro room kind of speaks for itself but just in case, it’s where you have sex with the already dead. Yeah, that’s exactly what it is. Now let’s look at just a few of the members.

Bush, Cheney, and their friends (2700 members)"the governing elite", gathered to take part in bizzare, satanic rituals. Recent information will radically change the perception of Bohemian Grove. Not merely drunkenness, unbounded use of alcohol and drugs with vague homosexual tones, but reported activities much more serious ' kidnapping, rape, paedophilia, illegal detention of children, sodomy and ritual murder. Investigation is blocked under the 1947 National Security Act! Why block it? You only block investigation if you have something to hide, right? The Bushes were not the only ones. You Clinton and Obama too, all members. If you think Epstein island was bad, think again! There is a lot more to this. The dollar bill hides their owl. They decide who will be president, again this is why such a hatred for Trump. All world plans are made during those two months in July. This years is coming up. So let’s get to it! The rest of the research you can do on your own. All I’m saying is shit is deep and scary! Which leads me to these two VERY POWERFUL TOOLS, aka rings. These are the rings being given out this year to new members. I do not know who was to get them so don’t ask. I have no clue. These are already powered by last year’s sacrifice to Moloch for this year’s upcoming meeting. So what can you do with something so evil? Well, that’s the thing. You get to use them in anyway you want to. These are dual which means you can do good or evil with them. That is up to you. Just remember evil is returned to you. What type of power do they hold? Mind control, wealth control, pretty much anything because that’s how they are made. I have two which I got from a very close contact. These are legit and have been tested already. You will get these before the actual members. Again, I don’t know who they are. What I do know is everything they already have and own in the terms of power is transferred to you along with all that the grove puts into them. So each ring will have special variations as far as powers to the person who is joining this year. So let’s say one is old school money from generations of wealth and has connections before joining. Those talents are already embedded by the occult science of blue astral prints. If the other guy say is just a wealthy Arab who practices the occult and is a mind control terrorist, well you get that in that ring. Both rings get full unbridled power of the extreme occult. This is world domination power. As you can see you have the Owl with the all seeing eye. The sides are skull and cross bones for that fraternity as both men belonged to that.

I would venture to say these are extremely powerful and I know this because they have been tested non stop for 4 months now before they were ready. Check for the size to get one close to yours. There will only ever be two of these from the grove. This was the design they picked out for this year. Enjoy.

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May 31

The things evil politicians do these days‼


Why couldn't someone do a spiritual cleansing & ban child sacrifice, lynchings and other evils such as sexual abuse and torture from occurring there?

Fauci & Biden should be locked up or frozen for a very long time. 😡

Why not send Michael to clean house?

Jun 01
Replying to

Interesting. I picked up two of the Antikythera mechanisms. The first said it had the abilities of the universe, including the Watchers ( Azazel was one of them ) & the second was the Russian Antikythera mechanism.


I like your investigation and potential robin hood like efforts Dee Dee. I hope the next person owns such pieces takes great consideration to whatever actions they take and what such events might unfold from them

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