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Can Evil Physically Hurt You?

The two most haunted houses I have ever encountered were my own and one I lived in. The picture you see above looks like the hidden room in my house. I discovered the room by accident one day while outside. I looked up and noticed a window and knew it didn’t go to any room I saw. So where did it go? It was way up on the fourth floor. I went inside and couldn’t find the room. I stared pushing on walls knowing the one room inside looked smaller. There it was! It opened up into a tiny room that held various antique toys and a crib.

I spoke to my neighbor, Penny. She told me a long time ago people would lock up children who were born not normal. She said they feared social ostracism. Kind of like today, 6 feet away except in that time people would whisper about you. The issue is people thought the child was a curse and might even try to kill it. This is why they were hidden away.

That was just one thing wrong with the house. There was plenty more we would encounter, unfortunately. While I will post pictures of where it is I won’t get into all the horror. I have spoke about them before and it’s a long list. Today instead I want to talk about how we all survived.

On one occasion in the middle of the night we all woke up to a UFO. Now I know UFOs are not technically supernatural. I write about it because ALL kinds of things, paranormal, white light and evil were all attracted to the house. The house I believe is a beacon for all things out of this world and supernatural. When I say UFO, I’m serious. Five of us all saw the potential alien invasion. I call it that because it came directly to the front of our big bay window and sat there. After a few minutes it zipped off in a way that nothing could move. We don’t have that kind of technology yet! At least that we know of or are told about. Maybe putting it that way is more accurate?

Getting to the part of can you be physically hurt? I think yes and no. I think it depends on the situation as there is no clear answer.

So let’s get to those situations I have encountered. I will start with one at that house in Sunshine Park. I often stay in a lot of places due to investigations and I had just come back from one. I was about to open the screen door when I saw a woman floating about the fireplace. She was crying and asking for my help. As I looked to the staircase I saw what at that time could only be described as a evil creature. This creature was brown all over with an elongated face and crooked feet and toes. At the time I didn’t know what it was but later a Muslim friend of mine told me. She explained it was an evil Djin. I went to open the screen door and I heard this voice say, DON‘T GO IN!!! it then said the woman was lying. At that moment I looked at her and she knew I knew she was lying. Her looks changed and she moved quickly up the staircase with the creature. At the time I did have a protection piece on me but it wasn’t a piece that held a spirit. I also know that woman if that’s what she really was saw something behind me. To this day I don’t know what it was. I probably will never know. In that situation nothing physically harmed me but what if I didn’t listen? Again, I will never know.

Moving on to another time at the same house. A guy who I will refer to as a fucker. It’s my blog, It‘s what he was. He’s dead now. People say don’t speak ill of the dead but I know better. Personalities don’t change just because they die, trust me, I know! His name was Roger and he was a fucker, a welfare sucking slug. Before you get your panties in a bunch over calling him a welfare slug, let me explain. The Fucker was a grown ass man perfectly capable of working but he chose not to. He bragged about it and said white men shouldn‘t be discriminated against just because he didn’t have kids. He took great pride in scamming the system. With out knowing this in the beginning we allowed him to live free in the apartment connected to the back of the house. We were trying to help him out. Let’s just say things went south and fast. He made sure the first thing he did was get mail in his name to the house. For those of you who don’t know, NJ has tick laws. This means if you allow someone in your house, you can’t throw them out. He knew this when we let the giant fucker in. One day during dinner our house was surrounded by police on three sides, not four because we own that road and they can’t come down it. The police yelled up with speakers to come on out with our hands up, no lie! If police say hands up, you do that! No one wants a body full of holes, white people get shot by police too! My ass isn’t going to test it, you know what I mean?

Out we march, kids and all. The adults are hoping no one sees all the pot plants growing in the yard, thankfully they were in the back. It grows wild out there and was there when we bought the house. I don’t think you should kill an innocent plant, animal or baby. When we arrived in front of what looked like very nervous and jumpy police we didn’t know what was going on. None of us had ever been in trouble or committed any crimes. Bottom line, they looked nervous and we moved slowly! After they saw we were normal and very confused they explained that the Fucker who was hiding behind police cars had said the Larry had threatened to shoot him! Of course this didn’t happen because at the time there were no guns in the house and they asked if they could search. We didn’t have anything to hide and just wanted it cleared up so we said yes. Nothing was found. But, because he said he lived there and Larry threatened him, they made Larry leave.

I refused to go anywhere! Trust me when I say hell would freeze over! So began a short lived life of hell. Here is where I think physically evil or dark spirits can physically harm you.

The fucker being of an already contaminated mental state was taken over by dark spirits. He became violent, he became insidious! He started to imagine things. For some reason though he was afraid of me. I think it was for a good reason. At one point he had blood running down his arms. He appeared in two locations at once just as Larry once did. The evil Djin was projecting his full physical image and yes they can do that. Only the dark Djin do that though. So physically he could have killed someone. Now fucker is dead. You can’t mess with people and expect no repercussion. He was made to get out and was found dead in his welfare hotel. He had been dead for two weeks before he was found. No one shed a tear.

If a spirit is weak, evil or white light the chance of physical harm is small. If we are talking about a possession, the harm can be great! I also believe you yourself are your greatest protector. You can be a serious force but you must locate it inside you. This is probably why Roger the fucker didn’t mess with me. My spirit has always had the I don‘t give two craps attitude. I also believe when your number is up, it’s up. Unless of course you obtain immortality.

With each case you encounter the results could be very different depending on the conditions. I think it’s just wise to be safe and acknowledge that some places could be born evil. Those places, people, spirits and items are called living items, etc. You can’t change them.

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