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Christmas in July? Plus!

Xmas in July? I haven’t done one in 4 years. Text to 267-825-0571 yes or no. Some people like to wait until Christmas and save up until then. So this time you get to decide. Of course we will still have the Christmas sale as usual. If someone wants to run a pole, I will definitely look at it. Just be aware that shipping will be on the 8th.  This is summer and we have investigations, family and more investigations. Some are just a waste of our time but others take a long time to complete. Please understand. 

Also someone won the real Sapphire necklace but I forget who. I think I know but I don’t want to send it to the wrong person. Please let me know.

If you paid for an ancestor reading please schedule with me. We are back to shipping on the 8th. We will be away from the second until the 8th. 

More items will be added tonight. 

 If you have a layaway please make your payments if you haven’t. We can’t hold items not paid on or places for transformations with lack of payment. We can’t schedule last minute transformations, at all. They take time to prepare for. 

Enjoy your weekend! 

For Hugh! Finally I have found a piece for you! Please send your address along with full name and email, phone number because you are out of the country and customs asks me for that information.

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Good luck and may fortune favour you DeeDee and all

Replying to

Did you want to run a poll hugh for Christmas in July ?

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