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Distinguishing Genuine Mediums from Frauds

Distinguishing Genuine Mediums from Frauds

The debate around the authenticity of psychic mediums has long fascinated me, especially when it comes to distinguishing the real from the impostors. Surprisingly, there's a discussion on whether the existence of fake psychic mediums can be beneficial. While embarking on a deep dive into the TikTok universe, I inadvertently stumbled upon a live session bustling with viewers. The platform's eclectic mix was immediately apparent: a sequence of bearded men applying makeup followed by tarot card readers who exuded an air of self-proclaimed nobility. The latter's demeanor ranged from confrontational to outright disrespectful, belying their initial offers of 'free' readings which inevitably led to charges for any substantial insights, typically after hooking their audience with tantalizing one-card teases.

Then, we come to the psychic mediums, a category where, in my experience, authenticity was sorely lacking. How can one discern a charlatan? The red flags are there: when mediums fish for information with vague prompts or alphabet games, such as claiming to sense a letter "T" that could just as easily be a "B," skepticism should arise. Genuine spiritual communication does not involve guesswork; spirits convey their messages clearly through telepathy, speech, and visuals, providing mediums with precise and often verifiable details that hold significant personal value for the intended recipient—details that a medium would have no way of knowing or guessing.

Despite the prevalence of frauds, some argue that even fake psychic mediums serve a purpose by providing comfort and facilitating closure for the grieving. However, I question the longevity of such solace. Might not doubts about the medium's authenticity eventually resurface, reawakening grief rather than alleviating it?

I've personally witnessed the integrity of a true medium. In New Orleans, a friend encountered a genuine medium—someone who, despite the policy of a local tea shop against revealing the unvarnished truth, chose to quit rather than deceive. This medium shared intricately detailed information that he couldn't possibly have known otherwise, corroborating my own psychic perceptions of a murder that had taken place. His insights proved crucial, allowing a friend in danger to recognize and escape a life-threatening situation.

Amidst these experiences, some still label mediumship as demonic, cherry-picking biblical texts to support their claims. Yet, the same texts indicate that the gift of spiritual communication is divinely bestowed upon certain individuals. How does one distinguish the genuine from the counterfeit? By the real help they provide, not by hindrance or exploitation.

Inquiries about the afterlife persist: How often can a spirit make their presence known? Typically, spirits choose their moments carefully, often when the living are most receptive and least encumbered by grief, though urgency may dictate otherwise. My friend's mother, for example, reached out to me with a specific message that would lead her daughter to undeniable proof of her visitation—proof found in the tangible world that bridged the divide between skepticism and belief.

Remember, when seeking out a psychic medium, it's essential to understand their tactics. Beware of those who provide generalized readings that could apply to anyone or those who incessantly request gifts or repeat visits for their financial gain. Your choice ultimately hinges on what you seek: unvarnished truth or temporary comfort. Make your decision wisely and remember that a real medium's purpose is to connect, enlighten, and validate, not to exploit your vulnerability.

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I agree Dee Dee and I’m glad I have a gift of knowing if someone is the real deal or not just by observing how they speak and how they carry themselves when speaking also body movements and eye contact..

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